Special Report { Uncovering Police Misconduct In Hawaii

In The Name Of The Law: Should Police Misconduct Be Public?


Last of a 5-part series

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Eighteen years ago former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano let bad cops off the hook when he allowed county police officers who got in trouble to remain anonymous.

Back then he said he was torn by his decision. But now he says granting that secrecy was a mistake.

His trust in the system of checks and balances has eroded over the past two decades.

“The reason I changed my mind is that during the last 10 years in particular there have been some actions by the police commission that seem very political,” Cayetano said, referring to the seven-member board that oversees the Honolulu Police Department. “Ideally the commission, if it did its job, would be sufficient to me. As it turns out these commissions are only as good as the people who are appointed.”

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