Waikiki's Venetian Nightmare: Natural Disasters in Paradise?

Close your eyes and picture waves lapping at the first-floor facades of high-rise hotels. The golden sands along Waikiki have long been submerged by the surging Pacific Ocean, as has the nearby Kalakaua Avenue.

A few late-returning tourists in this future Honolulu plod through the low tide and past the partially submerged check-in desk of their hotel, before climbing up several flights of stairs to their electricity-less rooms.

They cannot fly home because, in this storm-tide future, commercial planes remain idle on the runway at the low-lying Honolulu International Airport, their landing gear deep in a dark pond of water and their lighting and navigation systems in need of repairs.

Call it Waikiki’s Venetian nightmare. (Italy has long struggled to slow the legendary city's descent into the waters that surround it, to little avail.)

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