Lying Down on Honolulu Sidewalks Could Soon Cost You $50

Nick Grube/Honolulu Civil Beat

Sleeping on a public sidewalk in Honolulu could soon result in a $50 fine.

Honolulu City Councilman Stanley Chang has introduced a bill that will make sleeping, lounging or otherwise lying on the city’s walkways illegal.

It’s part of a legislative package that Chang, who is running for Congress, says will make the city’s sidewalks safer and more accessible to pedestrians.

One of the bills makes it easier for municipal crews to remove property that has been affixed or tied to city property, including fences, benches and trees.

Another would make it illegal to sit, lie or sleep on top of publication dispensing racks, such as those used for newspapers and tourist attraction pamphlets.

But the proposed laws — specifically Bill 59 that would ban lying on the sidewalk — could also be looked at as a means of making the city’s homeless less visible, particularly in places like Waikiki and Chinatown.

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