Matson Will Pay Back Hawaii for Molasses Spill, Plans Own Investigation

Nick Grube/Honolulu Civil Beat

The same day Hawaii lawmakers opened up their investigation into the massive molasses spill that has killed more than 25,000 fish, the head of the company responsible for the environmental disaster said Matson Inc. is footing the bill.

On Monday, Matson President and CEO Matthew Cox joined state officials for a tour of the Honolulu Harbor where a damaged molasses line dumped 233,000 gallons of the thick sugary liquid into the water, creating a widening death zone for fish, crab and coral.

In no uncertain terms, Cox said his company will cover all costs that have been and that will be incurred by government agencies that are scooping up dead marine life, testing the water and otherwise responding to the spill, which some have said could be the worst in Hawaii’s history.

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