Abercrombie is 'Confident' in Hawaii's Capacity to Withstand Gov't Stoppage

Abercrombie Administration.

If they are panicking over the federal government's shutdown, Hawaii's leaders here at home aren't showing it.

While the state's congressional delegation is decrying the inability of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to agree on a budget deal, Gov. Neil Abercrombie is expressing confidence that Hawaii will weather any looming fiscal storms.

The governor, who recently met with bond purchasers and credit rating agencies in Los Angeles and New York, said in a press release Tuesday that Hawaii is in "solid fiscal condition."

Funding from the 2013 session of the Hawaii Legislature, help from the administration's Sequestration Impact Response Team and "the readiness of all departments in the administration to respond to the shutdown" make Abercrombie "confident" in the state's ability to address shutdown contingencies.

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