Schatz: Ideology, Not Ethnicity, Will Win Hawaii Senate Race

There have been no debates, no early voting and very few political advertisements. The Democratic primary won't even be held for another nine months.

Yet, Brian Schatz believes Democrats — especially campaign donors — should go with the winner right now.

And it's not Colleen Hanabusa.

On Monday, the Schatz for Senate campaign distributed a seven-page memo loaded with footnotes and hyperlinks assessing the "State of the Hawaii Senate Race." Delivered to "interested parties" — especially potential financial supporters — the memo argues that the incumbent, Schatz, has "decisive advantages in money, endorsements, organization, and manpower, as well as an ideology more in tune with primary voters."

Schatz's memo (reproduced below) is a tough attack on Hanabusa, the U.S. representative. He says she has run a poor campaign, has attracted little support and is less "progressive" than he is.

On a tactical level, the memo challenges a core element of conventional wisdom in Hawaii politics: that ethnicity determines the outcome of Democratic primaries. The campaign memo posits that things have changed and ideology can now make the difference.

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