Civil Beat Poll — A Majority of Hawaii Voters Disapprove of Abercrombie

Abercrombie Administration

A majority of registered Hawaii voters who plan to vote in the Democratic primary — 51 percent — do not like the way Gov. Neil Abercrombie has been doing his job, according to a new poll.

Just 39 percent said they approve of the governor's job performance, while 10 percent said they are unsure.

Abercrombie's numbers have worsened since a Civil Beat Poll in June showed 48 percent of registered voters disapproved of his job performance while just 45 percent approved.

Despite the deterioration of support, it's not time for Abercrombie to start panicking.

"It's no big surprise that he is slipping," said Matt Fitch, executive director of Merriman River Group, which conducted The Civil Beat Poll. "It's very common for elected officials that are chief executives to struggle three years in — for example, President Obama. You make tough decisions and you have to own them. But Abercrombie has a year to spend reminding people of what he has accomplished."

That said, Fitch added, "Certainly, he has a challenge ahead — it's not the easiest sailing. He has his work cut out for him."

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