Gay Cop: HPD Should Disavow Hawaii Police Union Official's Testimony

Chad Blair/Civil Beat


A gay Honolulu police officer is asking Chief Louis Kealoha to distance the department from comments made by police union president Tenari Maafala.

On Monday, Maafala, an HPD officer and president of the State of Hawaii Police Officers Union, told Hawaii legislators he would never enforce such same-sex marriage legislation should it become law.

"You would have to kill me," he told a House panel hearing on Senate Bill 1.

Maafala's statements have upset Corporal John "Zeuz" Zeuzheim, a 13-year HPD veteran.

"I am beyond words with how shocked, appalled and horrified I am that any officer, much less the President of SHOPO, would identify himself as such and then speak the words he has," Zeuzheim said in a letter he penned early Tuesday. "I am truly ashamed and am not asking for Tenari to attempt to apologize for his words or beliefs, because the damage has been done, and everyone would know his apology would not be honest, but a reaction to fallout. I am sincerely asking that The Honolulu Police Department put out a clear statement indicating Tenari's statements do not reflect the sentiments of our department or all of its officers."

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