Lawmakers to Look at Construction, Budget Transparency at UH

Alia Wong/Civil Beat

The University of Hawaii has been plagued by bad decisions, lack of accountability, construction backlogs and growing public criticism.

Lawmakers aim to take action when the legislative session kicks off Wednesday, particularly at the trouble-plagued flagship campus UH Manoa, UH West Oahu and UH Hilo.

Rep. Isaac Choy, head of the House Higher Education Committee, told Civil Beat one big concern is getting UH's $487 million construction, repair and maintenance backlog finally on its way to completion. The majority is concentrated at UH Manoa, about $407 million worth.

Building and repairs have been dogged by delays and money issues, and are expected to cause big disruptions on campus over the next ten years. Choy has long been critical of the university’s financial management and lack of leadership.

According to Choy, throwing more money at the university isn’t the solution. “We have to refine our thinking," he said. "What infrastructures do we have to build? As taxpayers, we want to be more efficient."

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