Hawaii Governor's Travel Records Reveal Details of Personal, Political Trips

Hawaiian Airlines celebrated Flight 807 and 808's maiden voyages at Honolulu International Airport and at Taiwan International Airport with cultural blessings, cuisine from Chef Chai Chaowasare, and entertainment from the Kuo Min Tang Physical Culture Association and Hawaiian Airlines Serenaders in July 2013.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie, his deputy chief of staff and two security guards flew to Washington, D.C., last June to talk to congressmen and military leaders about Chamber of Commerce affairs and other interests.

The five-night trip cost Hawaii taxpayers $14,000.

The governor took a trip or two a week last summer on state business, traveling to the neighbor islands, mainland and Asia. State records show his five trips in June and six trips in July cost taxpayers approximately $27,000, including airfare, lodging, security detail and the expenses of accompanying staff members.

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