Civil Beat Poll — A Referendum on Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie?

PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Governor Ige?

A new Civil Beat Poll suggests that state Sen. David Ige has a shot at unseating Hawaii's incumbent governor, Neil Abercrombie.

Ige and Abercrombie are tied at 37 percent apiece among likely Democratic primary voters, the poll shows.

And more than a quarter of those voters, or 26 percent, say they are unsure of who they'll vote for.

But Ige, a relatively unknown elected official who has thus far raised very little money for the governor's race, should not start measuring the drapes in the Capitol's fifth floor offices.

"What you are seeing is rather a public way of expressing discontent with the governor rather than a serious strength on Ige's part," said Matt Fitch, executive director of Merriman River Group, which conducted The Civil Beat Poll. "There are a couple of reasons. One, Ige's support actually outstrips those people who say they have a favorable impression of him. People don't really know him.

"That's extraordinary, and it's because this is a referendum on the governor."

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