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Hoopili Upheld By Hawaii’s High Court

Developer D.R. Horton can now move forward on the 11,750-home project in East Kapolei.

Who’s Buying Hawaii Homes? On Maui, It’s Mostly Out-Of-Staters

Foreign investors were responsible for just 4 percent of home sales statewide since 2008.

Are Honolulu Planning Officials Too Cozy With This Developer?

Emails show city officials held private meetings with Haseko Development to strategize a controversial zone change and even helped prepare testimony to the Planning Commission.

How Crappy Sewers Make It Hard To Build Housing In Honolulu

But there’s hope around planned rail stations where the city administration wants to concentrate growth.

Mayor Asks Developers: What’ll It Take To Build Affordable Housing?

Kirk Caldwell faces a tough crowd at a Building Industry Association conference. The opposition is delaying the rollout of his inclusionary zoning proposal.

Living Hawaii: So You Say You Want To End The Housing Crisis?

Real estate analysts and experts contend we could make great strides toward producing the housing we need by losing some of our regulations.

In Car-Free Paris, Lessons for Honolulu

The Guardian reports on what happened when Parisians walked, biked or relied on public transit for a day.

Hawaii Supreme Court Rules Against Waikiki Hotel’s Shoreline Exemption

Honolulu officials shouldn’t have exempted Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts from a coastal height setback requirement, justices decide.

A ‘No-Brainer’: Honolulu Streets Should Be for the People, Not the Cars

A ‘No-Brainer’: Honolulu Streets Should Be for the People, Not the Cars

An amendment to make the city denser and more walkable around planned rail stations might also increase the number of sidewalk cafes.

Dillingham Ranch Wants to Build 91 Homes on North Shore Ag Land

The project is already getting pushback from neighbors, KITV reports.

City Council Removes Malaekahana Homes from Development Plan

Honolulu City Council Chair Ernie Martin introduced Bill 53, which passed first reading Wednesday.

Honolulu Among Top US Cities that Locals Leave

In a new analysis by Bloomberg, one expert says the high cost of housing is to blame.

DHHL Receives $8.7 Million Federal Grant for Affordable Housing

The Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant will help the agency build and renovate affordable homes and subsidize housing.

Councilman Martin Resurrects Proposal That Allows Homes in Malaekahana

UPDATED: The City Council chair has issued a statement saying the move is procedural and that ultimately Malaekahana will not be in the urban area, but supporters of more housing are still encouraged.

Honolulu Condo Sales Up in June, Median Home Price at $700K

The number of condos sold hasn’t been this high since June 2007.

Hawaii Supreme Court Weighs Preserving Hoopili Farmland

Justices hear oral arguments on a challenge to plans for a massive housing development that would displace prime agricultural land in southwest Oahu.

California Supreme Court OKs Affordable Housing Requirements

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is working on an islandwide strategy to require all major developments to set aside a certain amount of affordable housing, a policy also known as inclusionary zoning.

Peter Apo: Urban Crawl – Is Hawaii Becoming Just Another Place?

The nature of key development projects on West Oahu may mean the area loses its unique rural appeal.

Nine Months In, How’s That Affordable Housing Plan Coming Along?

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is still honing his strategy, and the City Council hasn’t exactly raced to support his proposals.

Is Kapolei a Mistake?

Oahu’s “Second City” doesn’t meet the generally accepted elements of “smart growth” and even city officials are putting more emphasis on development along the Honolulu rail line.

Curt Sanburn: Errant Towers or the Oahu That Never Was

Honolulu once allowed 40-story buildings just about anywhere on the island. Without changes, we might have also had highways on the reef and artificial island parks.

Report Slams Hawaii’s Land Use for ‘System-Wide Weaknesses’

The public has until May 31 to comment on the state Office of Planning’s new analysis.

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Make Way for Hoopili: City Council Approves Rezoning

The hotly debated project would provide 11,750 homes in Honolulu at the cost of 1,289 acres of farmland.