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Hawaii’s Charter School Overseers Are Feeling ‘Under Assault’

Amid complaints and the resignation of their director, Charter School Commission members face an uncertain future.

Embattled Leader of Charter School Oversight Agency To Resign

The relationship between the commission and charter school leaders has become increasingly contentious in the last year.

DOE ‘Behavior Analyst’ Bill Uproar

Hundreds of opponents decry legislation that some say poses significant risk for harm to Hawaii consumers and keiki.

Hawaii Teachers Kick Off ‘Do-Or-Die’ Campaign For Education Reform

Legislative proposals would dramatically change public education in Hawaii, but paying for them is a problem.

Faculty Members Take On UH Over Claims Of Broken Promises, Retribution

A case heard Thursday by the Hawaii Labor Relations Board alleges the university didn’t honor key conditions of one professor’s hire letter and retaliated against another.

Hawaii Grads Missing Out On College Grants

Roughly 45 percent of high school grads didn’t fill out an application for federal student aid in 2014.

Committee OKs Bill To Shield UH Regents From Revealing Financial Info

Bankers, former regents and contractors supported the measure while the Ethics Commission and University of Hawaii faculty union opposed it.

Living Hawaii: Can You Afford To Be A Teacher In The Islands?

The cost of living weighs so heavily on schoolteachers that many fear they will never get ahead if they stay here.

The Heat Is On State Lawmakers To Cool Off School Classrooms

A teachers union proposal to raise taxes for wide-ranging education improvements is a long shot, but just about everyone is talking about more air conditioning.

Do Parents And Teachers Really Have A Say In How Schools Run?

A decade after Act 51 mandated that each school in Hawaii have a school community council, it’s unclear how well the system is — or isn’t — working. 

Falling Apart: Politics At Play With UH Maintenance Backlog?

The Legislature says it’s a management problem, but the university maintains it’s an issue of funding. Meanwhile, campus facilities continue to crumble to the detriment of students.

Lucky We Live Hawaii, Where College Can Be Affordable

A ProPublica database uses federal student aid data to compare college affordability across the country for low-income students. Hawaii’s flagship public university stacks up well.

BOE Forms Investigative Committee To Explore Charter School Oversight

The state school board says concerns over charter schools and the commission that oversees them warrants a closer look.

Suit Alleges ‘Monstrous Sexual Abuse’ Of 26 Boys At Kamehameha Schools

The lawsuit filed Tuesday details “decades” of sexual abuse of boys at the hands of the school psychiatrist.

Charter School Oversight Is An Increasingly Contentious Issue

Comments from a recent Board of Education listening tour highlight the troubled relationship between charter schools and the state agency tasked with overseeing them.

CDC Secrecy Over UH Biolab Safety Failures Challenged In Court

A Hawaii law center is suing the Centers for Disease Control to release a safety report critical of a University of Hawaii biolab.

Are Charter Schools Funded Equitably? Lawmakers Want Clearer Numbers

Legislators consider money requests from the Charter School Commission and the state Department of Education.

Why Are Online Classes, Degrees Hard To Get At The University Of Hawaii?

UH Manoa offers two fully online degree programs, a stark contrast to the 16 programs offered on average at comparable institutions.

University Of Hawaii Seeks A Speedier Path To Graduation

Two-thirds of UH Manoa students may not be taking all the courses they need to graduate in four years. Can a new computer program change that and save the state millions?

Hawaii Cited As ‘Model’ For Efforts To Apply Science To Community Issues

Hundreds of students in the islands have taken courses in the Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities program.

Will Ambitious Teachers Union Plan Fly? Unlikely, But It Starts The Conversation

A tax increase is almost certainly a non-starter at the Legislature, but the call for education reform from new union leaders will at least focus attention on the issues.

Here’s How ‘Screen Time’ Is Changing The Way Kids Tell Stories

Time spent with electronic devices can be educational for children in many ways, but parents are still advised to limit that time.

U.S. Bids A Not-So-Fond Farewell To ‘No Child Left Behind’

The new law replacing No Child Left Behind is being heralded as a return to local control; but in Hawaii, little may change.

Lawmakers Criticize University of Hawaii Budget, Maintenance

UH’s deferred maintenance backlog is now $503 million — a displeasing figure to members of the House Committee on Higher Education.

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Auditor Spotlights Financial And Oversight Problems At Charter Schools

The Charter School Commission was lax in monitoring the now-closed Halau Lokahi school, and possibly other schools, a report says.