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Nominees To Charter School Commission Named

Four out of the nine seats are up for grabs on the besieged Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission.

Living Hawaii: The Pipe Dream Of Teaching In Paradise Goes Global

Unemployed college graduates, Hawaii wants you! The islands need you! And they’ll pay a lot for you! Or so the viral story goes — and goes.

Charter Cuts High School Next Year

Ka ʻUmeke Kaʻeo, a K-12 Hawaiian immersion school on the Big Island, will help students find another high school for the coming school year while it re-evaluates its program.

1 In 8 Hawaii Middle Schoolers Say They’ve Attempted Suicide

Nearly one in four say they’ve at least considered killing themselves. Can teaching kids about mental health earlier change that?

Honolulu Rail Project Expected To Cost The DOE Millions For New Schools

The Department of Education wants to levy fees on new developments to help offset school construction costs near several planned rail stations.

Oahu School Renamed For Dan Inouye

Hale Kula Elementary School is located on the Schofield Barracks Army Installation, the home base for the late senator’s combat unit during World War II.

‘A Witches’ Brew Of God Knows What’ In UH Lab’s Vent System

Faculty members say their health is being affected by odors and fumes from air vents at the St. John Laboratory Complex.

The Changing Face Of Sex Education In Hawaii’s Public Schools

The Department of Education is in the midst of implementing big changes. Will the new policy make a difference?

Special Education Inclusion In Classrooms Called ‘Ethical Issue’

Education leaders and advocates agree special education students need to spend more classroom time with peers. But how?

SCOTUS Tie A Win For Hawaii Unions

A ruling in favor of the California teacher suing her union could have had major ramifications for organized labor in Hawaii.

Senate Panel Passes Bills To Cool Classrooms, Create Sports Authority

The Ways and Means Committee approves 22 measures, but April negotiations regarding the Legislature’s financial priorities await.

Educational Assistants Play Crucial Role, But You Wouldn’t Know It By Their Paychecks

Low salaries and limited training options stymie efforts to recruit special education workers in Hawaii schools.

Will Hawaii’s Teacher Evaluation System Get Scrapped?

The Senate Education Committee is calling on the Board of Education to get rid of the current teacher evaluation system.

Hawaii’s Public Charter School Movement At A Crossroads

Big changes could be ahead, including how new schools are created and how they are overseen.

HSTA Tax Hike Dies, Support Doesn’t

Teachers made a strong show of support at the Board of Education on Tuesday for their union’s proposed education reforms.

Tax Increases For Education, Elderly Rejected In Hawaii Senate

A proposal pushed by the teachers union would have raised $850 million per year. Another bill would have helped pay for caregiver services.

Is Higher Education Less Valuable In Hawaii?

Hawaii has more residents with college degrees than the U.S. average, but they don’t seem to be earning as much money.

$100,000 Salaries Mushroom At DOE In The Last 4 Years

Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi is the highest-paid Hawaii Department of Education employee at $200,000. At the other end, office assistants start at $22,824.