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Hawaii’s Media Landscape Just Got Bigger

University of Hawaii journalism students have launched Ho’a O’ahu, an online news site.

Bringing Back Waianae’s Floating Classroom

An organization is working to restore E Ala voyaging canoe and create educational opportunities for students on the Leeward Coast.

Student Proficiency Dips on New Test

Less than half of Hawaii students tested were deemed proficient in English and math on the new state tests.

Should McKinley High Go Back To Being Called Honolulu High?

In Alaska, Mount McKinley is now Denali, thanks to President Obama. Should our high school revert to its old name, too? A petition drive is in the works.

Hawaii Board of Education Passes Student Discipline Policy

The policy was scaled back to address the concerns of school administrators, and language was removed that would have made suspensions a last resort.

BOE to Consider Milder Student Discipline Policy Tuesday

After months of delayed votes on a new student discipline policy that would make suspensions an action of last resort, the BOE considers a scaled-back version.

ACT Scores Improved in Hawaii in 2015, But Are Lowest in Nation

Only one in 10 public school students in the class of 2015 earned college-ready marks in all four core subjects.

First-Ever Head of Hawaiian Education Foresees ‘Revolutionary’ Changes

UPDATED: Dawn Kaui Sang’s new role brings big challenges as she looks to redefine language immersion programs and make sure every student in the state learns about Hawaiian culture.

Hawaii Looks to Shorten School Employee Misconduct Investigations

The Department of Education is hiring two more investigators to help reduce how long it takes to investigate cases of possible employee misconduct.

Living Hawaii: Can We Un-corner Markets in Our Over-Priced State?

Could economic disruption reach some of Hawaii’s most prominent companies and lower our cost of living in the islands?

BOE Launching Live Audio Feed of Meetings

It will be available online, part of an ongoing effort to increase transparency at the Board of Education.

Special Education Is Backsliding in Hawaii, Teachers and Advocates Say

Despite increases in funding and numerous efforts at reform, students with disabilities are falling farther behind their mainstream peers. Some say the downturn started when federal court supervision of the state system ended.

Hawaii Schools Begin the Year Short on Teachers — Again

Finding enough instructors is an annual struggle in the islands, and it’s most difficult in remote and low-income areas.

Scientists Ready for Year in Isolation Atop Mauna Loa

The University of Hawaii is studying the psychological and emotional stresses of long space missions, and how to best support a crew on a voyage to Mars.

Hawaii Has 37th-Best School System in US, Report Says

In a bright note, the report found that Hawaii has the fifth-safest school system.

Count On It: Hawaii Schools Missing Out on Aid They’re Due for Serving Military Families

The state relies on federal funding to partially offset the cost of educating the children of service members, but difficulties with tracking how many such students are enrolled could be costing it millions of dollars.

Finding New Ways to Define Native Hawaiian Student Success

Educators were asked this week to identify measurements of achievement for young Native Hawaiians in the coming decade. The answer had nothing to do with standardized test scores.

Hawaii’s Student Travel Still Up in the Air as Free Trips Debated

State Ethics Commission director calls free travel for teachers a conflict of interest, but school superintendent says teachers shouldn’t be expected to pay to work.

Classroom Strategy: Let Children Move Around in Class

Keeping kids sitting at their desks for hours during the day may be more harmful then we think. Let them stand and walk.

Ige Names New Director of Executive Office on Early Learning

The position, created by the previous governor, had been vacant since December.

She Fought Hawaii’s New Way of Evaluating Teachers — and Won

The DOE says her case was decided on a technicality, but the instructor who refused to participate seems to represent the frustrations of many colleagues.

Tongan, Micronesian, Hawaiian Students Most Likely to Be Suspended

Some schools send students home frequently and some don’t, but data for the 2013-14 school year show significant discipline disparities based on ethnicities.

Hawaii Board of Education’s Push for More Transparency Inches Forward

Amid requests from both the Legislature and citizen activists, the BOE is looking at ways to live-stream audio broadcasts of meetings.

Lance Mizumoto to Head Board of Education

Mizumoto, who was appointed by Gov. Ige to the Board of Education in April, will take Don Horner’s spot as BOE chair.

Don Horner Stepping Down as Chair of Board of Education

He’s remaining on the board after holding its top spot since the changeover from elected to appointed members in 2011.