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NextEra Deal: Critical Hearings Set To Begin In $4.3B Merger Case

Top state officials remain opposed to the proposed deal between Hawaiian Electric Industries and NextEra Energy, but the utility companies say it’s in the public’s best interest.

Feds: Big Island Coffee Farmer Paid Migrant Pickers 40 Cents A Pound

The Labor Department says Tomasita Farm Service paid 65 migrant workers from Mexico and Micronesia well below minimum wage.

First Fear, Then Hope For The Harbor

People living in Hawaii’s largest homeless encampment were afraid of a sweep last week, but an outpouring of community support is giving them hope for some very different kinds of change.

Imua Hawaii: Native Hawaiians Must Speak Out On Self Governance

Only five weeks remain for public comment on a federal rule to govern relations between the United States and a Native Hawaiian government.

NextEra Hearing Transcripts To Go Online — Eventually

Options will be available to view transcripts of the Hawaii PUC hearing without spending thousands of dollars to buy them from the court reporter.

Enlisting Hawaii Landlords In The Battle Against Homelessness

Landlords at a conference on Hawaii’s housing crisis learn about voucher programs, but wonder where to turn when there’s trouble.

Hawaii Governor: Refugees Are Mothers, Fathers, Children Fleeing War

Gov. David Ige rejected calls to reconsider his position on accepting Syrian refugees, but reasserted that safety remains paramount.

Hawaii Supreme Court Suspends TMT Permit Until Dec. 2

The high court heard oral arguments in August on claims that there were procedural problems with the state’s approval of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

Living Hawaii: Rooftop Solar Boosts Home Values

Amid changing incentives, home solar may take more time to pay off. But how does it affect resale values?

Hawaii Rejects Demand For Aquarium Fishing Moratorium

The Department of Land and Natural Resources says this won’t help distressed coral reefs, but other measures might. A management plan is in the works.

When Wildlife And Aircraft Collide in Hawaii

Over the last quarter-century, 3,573 such collisions have been reported in the islands, with Kauai leading the way, according to federal data.

State Issues New Guidelines On Media’s Mauna Kea Access

UPDATED: The Department of Land and Natural Resources says it wants to keep everyone safe, but some First Amendment advocates worry the guidelines go too far.

NextEra Merger Critics Blast PUC’s Plan Not To Post Hearing Transcripts Online

Hawaii energy regulators say they don’t have the time to put the records on their website, but might do so — after the hearing is over.

State Senator Vows To Reform Hawaii Asset Forfeiture Laws

State Sen. Will Espero says the current system is unfair because it opens citizens up to having their property taken even if they aren’t convicted of a crime.

Report: Hawaii’s Police Property Seizures Ripe For Abuse

Asset forfeiture is a controversial practice that has many across the U.S. calling for reform. A new report says Hawaii has some of the worst laws when it comes to protecting citizens.

‘That’s JoJo — He’s Different’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘That’s JoJo — He’s Different’

JoJo Peter is a disabled Micronesian in Hawaii. Those misunderstood labels have given him a powerful position to bring about positive change.

Learning To Be Hawaiian — Some Years On The Mainland Helped Eric Pape/Civil Beat

Learning To Be Hawaiian — Some Years On The Mainland Helped

Peter Apo’s roots may have saved his life when he was on the West Coast. Now he is working to facilitate federal recognition for Hawaiians.

Pod Squad: Are Honolulu Police Overreacting In Some Situations? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Are Honolulu Police Overreacting In Some Situations?

Attorney Eric Seitz joins the Pod Squad to talk about two of his cases: two lesbians recently arrested for kissing in public and a man who died after being shot with a Taser.

Bring On The Merger Case: Hawaii Energy Regulators Get Reinforcements

Meanwhile, the Consumer Advocate office is still struggling to fill vacancies as it represents the public in utility matters.

Poll: Half Of Native Hawaiians Still Oppose Building The TMT

Support for the telescope on Mauna Kea remains high among other ethnic groups, but a long work stoppage hasn’t cooled Native Hawaiian opposition.

Hawaii Releases Information On How To Avoid Dengue Fever

State Sen. Josh Green, a Big Island physician, offers some safety precautions as Health Department officials prepare to launch public information meetings.

Living Hawaii: So You Say You Want To End The Housing Crisis?

Real estate analysts and experts contend we could make great strides toward producing the housing we need by losing some of our regulations.

Two Telescope Protestors Convicted

Ronald Fujiyoshi was sentenced to five days in jail and Linda Leilani Lindsey-Kaapuni must perform 100 hours of community service.

FCC Rightly Limits Prisons’ Costly Game of Telephone

Newly passed reforms will trim the exorbitant phone charges that prison inmates and their families face.

PUC to Utilities: Your Power Plans Fall Short

Updated: The state Public Utilities Commission wants the Hawaiian Electric companies to revise their power supply improvement plans.

Hawaii Road Fatalities In One Map

On the south shore of Oahu, distracted driving was responsible for many pedestrian deaths.

Hawaii Is Spending Tens Of Millions To Lock Up Low-Level Drug Offenders

Lawmakers approved a pilot program to divert low-risk drug offenders to treatment instead of prison. But, a year later, it’s stuck in bureaucratic limbo.

Hawaii Adult Care Homes Brace For New Licensing Fees

The state Health Department wants the money to improve how it manages inspections and posts public information online.