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Hawaii Lawmakers Deny Access to Their Biotech-Related Correspondence

The Center for Food Safety sought emails between legislators and seed companies. It’s appealing the denials to the Office of Information Practices.

Hawaii Innocence Project: ‘Justice Is A Matter of the Heart’

A legal clinic trying to exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted has new leadership that’s hoping to free more innocent people.

The Projector: The Sun, the Fun and the Danger Along the Ka Iwi Coast

The Projector: The Sun, the Fun and the Danger Along the Ka Iwi Coast

As the sun finally overpowered the clouds, some visitors couldn’t resist venturing a little farther out on Oahu’s southeast shores than safety officials would prefer.

Is Anybody More Local Than Ben Cayetano?

Hawaii’s remarkable ethnic and racial diversity and the social tension that comes with it is the subject of a new Connections thread. Who better to kick off that discussion than a man who has worked through it all?

NextEra Merger Takes Back Seat to Co-op Talk on Big Island

The Public Utilities Commission hears a lot about alternative utility ownership models, but little about a proposed sale of Hawaiian Electric Industries.

Governor’s Office Goes Paperless

The Hawaii governor has signed about 1,180 departmental documents since taking office last December.

A Lot of Familiar Faces in Hawaiian Self-Determination Election

Candidates include Walter Ritte, Rowena Akana, Bumpy Kanahele, Dante Carpenter, Lilikala Kameeleihiwa and Faye Hanohano.

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Why Can’t the State Make Developers Keep Their Promises?

The state Land Use Commission often lacks the power to enforce the conditions that developers agree to.

The Mysterious Disappearance of an American Fisheries Observer

Keith Davis was in an unusual and sometimes dangerous line of work, often spending weeks at sea to make sure fishermen abide by the rules.

Treating Hawaii’s Sex Offenders: ‘Here, We Don’t Give Up on People’

Of the state program’s 800-plus “graduates,” only 20 have returned to prison after committing a new sex crime, a recidivism rate of slightly more than 2 percent.

Kauai Homeless Encampment to Be Cleared

Property owners are planning to clear land in Lihue that’s been home to a group of homeless people for at least several months.

Hawaii Supreme Court Seeks Input on Whether to Change Medi-Pot Rules

The justices consider a change after nearly two dozen attorneys requested the ability to help clients who want to establish dispensaries.

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The Projector:  The Sublime and the Swept

The Projector: The Sublime and the Swept

Members of a visiting presidential commission absorb the splendor of Ho’oulu ‘Aina Nature Park. Children from Catholic and Buddhist academies unveil a mural to bridge a cultural gap. And the uprooting of the homeless continues in Kakaako.

Teen’s Mom: ‘It’s Not that He’s A Criminal. He’s Mentally Ill’

Hawaii is underserving its 12,000 youths who suffer from mental illness, and the problem is getting worse.

Carlisle, Louie Join Call for Court to Allow Attorneys to Serve Medi-Pot Firms

A former Honolulu mayor and a former state attorney general ask the Hawaii Supreme Court to permit lawyers to serve medical marijuana dispensary applicants.

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Are Hawaii Nursing Home Clients Coerced Into Arbitration Agreements?

The federal government wants to tighten rules regulating pre-dispute agreements that remove the right to sue, but Hawaii’s long-term care ombudsman says they should just be banned.

Health Officials Unveil Plans to Expand Hawaii State Hospital

The first step is building a new, $160 million facility that would provide 144 beds for high-risk mental health patients.

Abercrombie Picks Maui Artist to Paint His Official Portrait

The former governor has chosen Kirk Kurokawa to create his portrait, continuing a century-old tradition in Hawaii.

Hawaii Lawyers Warned Not to Help Medical Marijuana Businesses

Pointing to federal law, the state Supreme Court Disciplinary Board says attorneys can’t help clients establish or operate medical cannabis companies.

Living Hawaii: Survey Finds Honolulu One of the World’s Costliest Cities

New data suggests that Hawaii’s middle class may have lost more ground in 2014.

OHA: Agency at a Crossroads Is Caught in a Power Struggle

UPDATED: Mauna Kea, ceded lands and internal battles occupy the quasi-state agency as Native Hawaiian nation-building looms.

Iwase Pushes the PUC: ‘I’m Not Here to Make Everyone Happy’

PUC Chair Randy Iwase explains changes he’s made to speed up the high-profile commission’s decision-making.

NextEra, Hawaiian Electric Revise List of Paid Consultants

The companies say they inadvertently included the University of Hawaii and Maui Economic Development.

Living Hawaii: Electric Rebellion

Living Hawaii: Electric Rebellion

Opponents of the status quo are pushing for an energy revolution. The ultimate question, though, is about cost.

Organizers Gearing Up for Huge Conservation Event in Hawaii

More than $6 million has been raised so far as the state prepares to host next year’s World Conservation Congress.