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Legislature’s Multi-Million-Dollar Grant Program Remains ‘Mysterious’

Some nonprofits won and some lost out on state grants this year while lawmakers nixed legislation to reform the oft-criticized process.

Longs Sued For Overdose Accident

A Honolulu man filed a lawsuit after he says he overdosed when the pharmacy filled his cholesterol medication prescription with an antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia.

Pesticides In Hawaii: ‘There Is A Lot We Don’t Know’

Gov. David Ige says he is open to a report’s recommendations for stronger regulation and monitoring of chemicals sprayed by seed companies.

Is Hawaii Saving Millions By Using A Mainland Prison?

Many of the costs the state pays aren’t detailed in budget documents. And the expense is not the only issue.

Hawaii’s New Ice Age: Crystal Meth in the Islands

Hawaii was where crystal meth first arrived in the U.S. Three generations later, the islands still have one of the country’s highest usage rates.

Hanabusa To Run For Takai’s Seat In Congress?

The Democrat and former congresswoman likely would scare off many potential challengers for the seat she won twice before Takai.

Hawaii Lawmakers Again Balk At Ethics, Lobbying Reform

Bills to close loopholes and tighten restrictions died mysteriously at the end of the legislative session.

Hawaii Republicans Unite Behind Donald Trump, But Not Unanimously

House Minority Leader Beth Fukumoto Chang is shouted down at the party’s convention for not embracing the presidential candidate.

Study: Tiger Sharks Love Maui, But Rise In Bites May Be Random

Two-year University of Hawaii study recommends against culling sharks.

Medical Marijuana Scores Released

The agency has no plans to share how each judge graded each application, and still hasn’t released the scores for unsuccessful applicants.

Hawaii Ethics Commission Picks Interim Director

More than two weeks after advertising for a new executive director, the commission still awaits a first applicant.

Rep. Mark Takai Of Hawaii Will Not Run For Re-Election

The first-term congressman says that his pancreatic cancer has spread, but he promises to serve out the remainder of his term.

Did Hawaii Lawmakers Do Enough To Protect The Elderly?

The state Health Department got only a fraction of what it sought, and now the online posting of care home inspection reports may stop.

Hawaiian Electric Proposes LNG Import Plan, But Big Hurdles Loom

The plan is contingent on NextEra merger approval. Gov. Ige opposes that deal, and use of LNG as a “bridge” to renewable future.

Hawaii Keeps Secret What Happens In Its Private Prison

Even when prisoners are murdered, state officials and their private contractor shield themselves from the public eye.

Pod Squad: Will 2017 Be The Breakthrough Year For Medical Aid in Dying? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Will 2017 Be The Breakthrough Year For Medical Aid in Dying?

It’s been a high-profile issue in Hawaii since 1996, but advocates think next year could bring success at the Legislature.

Hawaii Storytellers — Gene Park’s Top Ten Reasons He Left Hawaii

Hawaii Storytellers — Gene Park’s Top Ten Reasons He Left Hawaii

The former Civil Beat staffer and now Washington Post social-media editor wryly explains why he left Honolulu.

Pod Squad: A Little A&B Sugar With That Coffee, Mr. Speaker? April Estrellon/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: A Little A&B Sugar With That Coffee, Mr. Speaker?

And that’s a wrap — the Legislature finishes another session. So what just happened?

Judge Seeks ‘Fresh’ Start, But Acrimony Over TMT Resurfaces

Native Hawaiians flood a pre-hearing conference Monday as lawyers argue about what’s ahead for a June 17 contested-case hearing.

Ward Seeks Re-Election And Looks To Put GOP Rumors To Rest

UPDATED. The Hawaii Kai state representative announced he is seeking his 10th term instead of challenging Sen. Sam Slom.

The ‘Brutal Reality’ Of Owning A Condo In Hawaii

The ‘Brutal Reality’ Of Owning A Condo In Hawaii

They’re often the only homes people can afford, but maintenance fees can suddenly explode. Should the state do more for owners?