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Honolulu Rail Budget In Limbo Until City Council Acts

The $6.6 billion project hangs in the balance until Honolulu’s City Council votes on a 5-year tax extension to cover a $1 billion-plus deficit.

New Laws Encourage Solar Panels, Allow Waikiki Rezoning

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed five bills into law Monday on issues from property taxes to discrimination against women.

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Under The Microscope: Honolulu Included In Federal Rail Audit

Lots of money is being spent in the western U.S. to build rail lines. From Denver to LA to Honolulu, federal officials want to know whether the FTA is doing a good job overseeing those projects.

Sand Island Facility Opens Its Doors To The Homeless

Six residents are the first to move in to a facility that’s been in the planning stages for more than a year.

City Agrees Not to Throw Out ‘Personal Property’ During Homeless Sweeps

Under a court-sanctioned agreement, the city’s maintenance crew cannot immediately dispose of most items taken while clearing out homeless encampments.

No Sweep Of The Harbor Planned, Says State Homeless Coordinator

Rumors are swirling, but Scott Morishige says any action on the state-owned land in Waianae would be based on input from the community and service providers.

Willing To Foot The Bill To Help Hawaii’s Homeless Families

Growing up in a plantation town, businessman Duane Kurisu benefited from the benevolence of the private sector. Now he’s ready to be the benefactor.

Section 8 Program Gets High Rating

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development gave the city’s Section 8 program a “High Performer” rating for the fifth year in a row.

Honolulu Rail Tax Extension Gets Preliminary OK

UPDATED: The City Council Budget Committee moves along the GET surcharge extension proposal, but with a cap on how much of it could be spent on rail.

HART Finds Savings With Latest Honolulu Rail Bids

The $6.6 billion project still faces a $1 billion-plus deficit, but the latest construction bids are within current projections.

Living Hawaii: Rooftop Solar Boosts Home Values

Amid changing incentives, home solar may take more time to pay off. But how does it affect resale values?

Caldwell: Honolulu Would Be ‘Lolo’ To Imperil Its Federal Funds for Rail

The mayor said he wants the council to act quickly to bail out the cash-strapped project, but his political rival says there are still too many questions.

Caldwell: Feds Withholding Honolulu Rail Funds Until Council Acts

The Federal Transit Administration is holding back the next allotment of $250 million until the City Council passes a five-year GET surcharge extension, the mayor’s office says.

Goodbye Ansaldo, Hello Hitachi

UPDATED The Italian rail car manufacturer was recently acquired by Hitachi, which HART Chairman Don Horner considers a positive for the city’s $6.6 billion project.

‘That’s JoJo — He’s Different’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘That’s JoJo — He’s Different’

JoJo Peter is a disabled Micronesian in Hawaii. Those misunderstood labels have given him a powerful position to bring about positive change.

Learning To Be Hawaiian — Some Years On The Mainland Helped Eric Pape/Civil Beat

Learning To Be Hawaiian — Some Years On The Mainland Helped

Peter Apo’s roots may have saved his life when he was on the West Coast. Now he is working to facilitate federal recognition for Hawaiians.

Pod Squad: Are Honolulu Police Overreacting In Some Situations? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Are Honolulu Police Overreacting In Some Situations?

Attorney Eric Seitz joins the Pod Squad to talk about two of his cases: two lesbians recently arrested for kissing in public and a man who died after being shot with a Taser.

Is Honolulu Rail Project’s Future At Stake In Dispute Over Council’s Budget Role?

Cost overruns and a need for more money give City Council members leverage to exert more influence over the $6.6 billion rail project.

‘The Harbor’: Special Report Will Explore Misconceptions About The Homeless

Civil Beat reporter Jessica Terrell introduces us to many of the intriguing people who call a growing Waianae homeless encampment their home.

How Landlords Can Help Homeless Vets

Ending Honolulu’s homelessness crisis is going to require help from the private sector.

Mayor Asks Developers: What’ll It Take To Build Affordable Housing?

Kirk Caldwell faces a tough crowd at a Building Industry Association conference. The opposition is delaying the rollout of his inclusionary zoning proposal.

VIDEO: Are These Honolulu Cops Acting Appropriately?

Jon Windham was arrested for assault and resisting arrest. His attorney says it was the police who acted badly. You be the judge.

Who Is Sticking Up for Tenants in Honolulu?

Unlike in many American cities, there is no organization here dedicated to advancing the rights of renters.

Caldwell Urges Council Not To Cap GET Surcharge For Rail

Council Chairman Ernie Martin says officials need to consider modifying the 20-mile project should costs continue to increase.

Interest-Free Loans for Homebuyers

The city urges families to apply for up to $40,000 loans to cover the down payment on a home.

Agreement Reached for Senior Housing

Michaels Development Company plans to build two mid-rise towers and a street-level community center.

In A Survey Of Police Sex Misconduct, Hawaii’s Nowhere To Be Found

An investigation exposed police sex misconduct in dozens of states, but similar conduct by Hawaii officers remains hidden from the public’s view.

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