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Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed Against Honolulu Rail Contractor

A former employee of Ansaldo Honolulu JV claims a lack of safety oversight could result in hazardous conditions and liability.

Kakaako Encampment Braces for the Final Sweeps

There was no mass exodus Wednesday, but some homeless people were packing up in advance of Thursday and Friday sweeps.

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Here’s What Homeless People Have to Do to Get Their Property Back

When belongings are confiscated instead of trashed, Honolulu’s retrieval process is too expensive and cumbersome for many.

U.S. Navy Has 20 Years to Fix Leak-Prone Red Hill Fuel Tanks

Hawaii Gov. David Ige and the EPA praise a new agreement to fix the underground storage tanks, but critics say it’s not enough.

Why Can’t the State Make Developers Keep Their Promises?

The state Land Use Commission often lacks the power to enforce the conditions that developers agree to.

Is the City Violating the Law in Destroying Homeless People’s Property?

As the ACLU launches a legal battle against Honolulu’s sweeps of homeless encampments, it points to a Los Angeles case in which that city’s sweeps were ruled unconstitutional.

It’s a Once-in-a-Decade Chance to Change the Honolulu City Charter

An assessment of the controversial Honolulu Police Commission is up next for the panel looking at improving the structure of Oahu’s government.

Caldwell Questions Honolulu Rail Projection for Delays, Higher Costs

A Sept. 14 letter from HART supplied six pages of detail relative to progress on the rail project, but the mayor’s reply makes it clear he wants more.

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HPD Ignores ‘Toothless’ Police Commission in Use of Force Case

Honolulu paid $167,500 to two hikers who said they were brutalized by officers, but its Police Department overruled a finding that excessive force was used.

Hawaii Supreme Court Rules Against Waikiki Hotel’s Shoreline Exemption

Honolulu officials shouldn’t have exempted Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts from a coastal height setback requirement, justices decide.

A ‘No-Brainer’: Honolulu Streets Should Be for the People, Not the Cars

A ‘No-Brainer’: Honolulu Streets Should Be for the People, Not the Cars

An amendment to make the city denser and more walkable around planned rail stations might also increase the number of sidewalk cafes.

Federal Judge Refuses to Immediately Halt Honolulu Homeless Sweeps

Citing a lack of “sufficient information,” she denies a request for a temporary restraining order.

Gifts Given to Honolulu Officials Remain Under Wraps

Ethics rules require state officials to file mandatory gift disclosure forms every year. That’s not the case for the City and County of Honolulu.

City Sweeps Another Stretch of Kakaako Homeless Encampment

City Sweeps Another Stretch of Kakaako Homeless Encampment

A day after the filing of an ACLU lawsuit to stop the practice, a maintenance crew disassembles and throws away most of what it finds.

SCOTUS May Hear Affordable Housing Case

The lawsuit challenging “inclusionary zoning” could have implications for Honolulu’s efforts to build more low-income housing.

Lawsuit Filed Over Seizure of Homeless People’s Property

ACLU claims Honolulu has violated the constitution in its attempts to keep the homeless on the move.

City Pays $3.6M to Settle Canal Pipe Suits

The Honolulu City Council approved a $3.6 million settlement for two lawsuits brought by construction companies that installed a sewer line under the Ala Wai Canal.

Disabled and Homeless: This Hawaii Woman Found She Had No Place To Go

Disabled and Homeless: This Hawaii Woman Found She Had No Place To Go

Hawaii’s largest emergency homeless shelter recently settled a civil rights complaint after it allegedly turned her away. Other disabled people experience similar discrimination when seeking housing.

Higher Costs and More Delays on the Way for Honolulu Rail

A letter sent by top HART officials outlines some of the fiscal challenges facing Honolulu’s much beleaguered $6 billion transit project.

Caldwell Signs Bill to Increase Rental Units

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has approved a measure that seeks to address the city’s affordable housing shortage.

Honolulu Police Officer Sued For Killing Mentally Ill Man

A federal lawsuit alleges the officer didn’t follow proper use-of-force protocol for dealing with someone suffering from mental illness.

Is Help With the Rent an Answer to Homelessness?

On Oahu, many families are homeless because they couldn’t pay the rent. Experts say rent subsidies are a cost-effective way to keep families off the streets.

The Projector: City Dispatches Some Homeless People While Improving Emergency Dispatching

The Projector: City Dispatches Some Homeless People While Improving Emergency Dispatching

Enforcement efforts begin to lower the population of a homeless encampment in Kakaako. Meanwhile, residents are asked to provide some personal information in advance of an emergency to help dispatchers send help quicker.

Honolulu Rail Consultant Under Ethics Probe for Boat Trip with Contractor

An anonymous complaint raises questions about just how close rail contractors are to one another and whether they can provide effective oversight of one another.