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‘We Need To Speak Out’: Lawmaker Fights For Police Reform

Sen. Will Espero has long been an advocate for more police accountability. The arrest of a DLNR cop has him pushing even harder.

Hawaii Senators Ponder Rules And Money For Police Body Cameras

The statewide police union opposes the legislation, the ACLU recommends a better bill and HPD wants a dialogue on what it would entail and cost.

Civil Beat Poll: More Voters Call For More Police Oversight

But Hawaii voters also say they believe most misconduct is due to a few bad cops.

Civil Beat Poll: Only 16 Percent Of Voters Feel Good About Honolulu Rail

Well over 30 percent of respondents said it’s a bad idea while another 40 percent consider the $6.6 billion project’s progress troubling.

HPD’s New Assistant Chief Has A History Of Domestic Violence

Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha says Ryan Borges learned from his mistakes. But domestic violence activists say the department hasn’t learned how to deal with DV within its own ranks.

Committee OKs Bill Granting Public Access To Police Misconduct Records

For decades, county police officers in Hawaii have been able to keep their misdeeds hidden from the public. A proposed law aims to change that.

Cops Who Quit: Resignations Hide Police Misconduct In Hawaii

Of 17 officers HPD tried to fire in 2015, detailed disciplinary information is only publicly available for two of them.

Rangers, New LED Lights Planned To Beef Up Ala Moana Beach Park Security

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell announces that 15 more workers will be hired as he provides an update on the park renovations.

Honolulu Mayor Won’t Rule Out More Private Beach Parties With Alcohol

While last weekend’s Pro Bowl party was a one-time event, there could be more such functions in the future, Kirk Caldwell says.

HPD Tried To Fire A Record Number Of Cops In 2015

The Honolulu Police Department is under heavy scrutiny for how it deals with officer misconduct. In 2015, it issued discharge notices to at least 17 officers.

Caldwell Signs Honolulu Rail Tax Extension

The city’s $6.6 billion commuter rail line, which is currently under construction, is already over budget and behind schedule.

Honolulu Approves NFL Plan For Private Cocktail Party At Queen’s Beach

UPDATED: The league is serving alcohol to VIPs in a roped-off area that includes a portion of the sandy beach as part of a wider public event Friday and Saturday, but the city rejects a rule change that would allow up to four such events a year.

Navy’s Insistence on Red Hill Fuel Tank Secrecy Raises Alarms

State and city agencies push back against a military effort to require non-disclosure agreements in work to prevent more fuel leaks that could threaten Oahu’s water.

Honolulu City Council Approves Rail Tax Extension

The extra tax money will go toward paying for cost overruns and revenue shortfalls on the $6.6 billion project.

Pod Squad: ‘LGBT Tourism Has Been Reborn’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: ‘LGBT Tourism Has Been Reborn’

A new video by the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau is expected to bolster same-sex marriage and LGBT tourism in the islands.

‘What The Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into?’ Cory Lum/Civil Beat

‘What The Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into?’

A reporter discovers an unusual homeless camp in Waianae — and learns a lot about herself in the process.

Pod Squad: What Grade Would You Give The Governor? Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: What Grade Would You Give The Governor?

A pair of UH political scientists rate David Ige’s first year as slightly above average, but note that his admittedly weak communication skills haven’t been tested in a crisis.

HPD Keeps Mum About Fired Cop Now Charged With Sex Assault

Honolulu police officials refuse to answer questions about Ethan Ferguson, who was hired by a state agency after being discharged by HPD for misconduct.

Caldwell Visits DC, Talks Homelessness

The Honolulu mayor met with federal officials and talked about Hawaii’s houseless Micronesians.

Court OKs New Rules On Homeless Sweeps

In an ongoing federal lawsuit, the city reaches an amended agreement that provides more clarity to the rules governing how it can conduct homeless sweeps.

Police Reform Gaining Steam At Honolulu Charter Commission

Commissioners seem intent on asking voters to improve police accountability and oversight in Honolulu based on several high-profile cases.

A Fundraiser For Ernie Martin

The Honolulu City Council chair, who may or may not be running for mayor, asks for campaign cash.

DLNR Was Warned About Bad Cop Before Hiring Him

The Honolulu Police Department says it told the state not to hire Ethan Ferguson after he was discharged for misconduct. Ferguson is now accused of raping a minor.

Tax Extension Revenue For Honolulu Rail Chugs Ahead

The Honolulu City Council Budget Committee placed a $1.1 billion cap on spending, although it allowed for some leeway should those funds not be enough.

Five Unanswered Questions About Honolulu’s $6.6 Billion Rail Project

Even as City Council members decide whether to keep the cash flowing, uncertainty looms over Hawaii’s biggest public works endeavor.

Why Did The State Hire A Cop Who’d Been Fired By HPD?

The DLNR officer is now suspected of sexually assaulting a minor. A state senator says the case points to the need for better oversight of police in Hawaii.

Living Hawaii: New Studies Show The Price Of Paradise Is Still Defeating Us

When it comes to buying power and the rising cost of living, we still haven’t fully recovered from the Great Recession.