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Honolulu May Pay $1M For Child’s Fall

A child suffered serious injuries during a city-sponsored Easter Egg hunt at Kaimuki Community Park.

Under Investigation: Kealohas Speak Out, Suggest They’re Political Targets

Honolulu’s police chief and his prosecutor wife, under a federal grand jury probe, deny allegations of corruption and abuse of power.

Prosecutor Files Complaint Over Police Officer Actions

Honolulu police are investigating whether an officer misrepresented himself in a high-profile manslaughter case to help a local reporter.

‘Final’ Price Tag For Rail Not Expected Until Next Year

HART and city officials anxiously await bid results to know just how much the estimated $6.6 billion project will actually cost.

Martin Backs Off Proposal To Fund Expansion Of New Hope Church

Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin said he wants to direct $250,000 to social services instead of giving it to a capital campaign for a Christian megachurch.

Councilmen Push For New Hope Church Subsidy That May Be Unconstitutional

Law professors say the City and County of Honolulu should not give $250,000 for the expansion of an evangelical Christian church.

Should Honolulu Bring Back A Housing Department?

Housing prices are skyrocketing, but the city doesn’t have one central agency to manage affordable housing and homelessness.

Council Members Seek $250K For Church

Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin and Councilman Joey Manahan propose using public money to pay for new church facilities.

$100K Sought For Pacific Arts Festival

Hawaii will host the international cultural festival for the first time in 2020.

Hanabusa Takes Over As Chairwoman Of Honolulu Rail Board

The future of HART executive director Dan Grabauskas is up in the air as the board decides to take an extra two months to evaluate his performance.

Messy Draft Budget: Once Again, City Council, Mayor Don’t See Eye To Eye

Housing, homelessness and sewer repair proposals were cut Wednesday, but council members say their spending plan is far from set.

Another Bill Would Regulate Uber

The multi-billion dollar ride-hailing company says the new proposal would force Uber out of the market on Oahu.

Caldwell Taps Insurance Exec For HART

The mayor picked Colbert Matsumoto, a well-known businessman, to take the place of Don Horner, who resigned amid controversy involving Honolulu’s $6.6 billion rail project.

HPD Officer Arrested On Suspicion Of Attempted Bribery, Prostitution

Officer Maulia Labarre’s arrest is the latest in a string of embarrassing missteps and high-profile cases of misconduct involving HPD and its staff.

Honolulu Rail Project Expected To Cost The DOE Millions For New Schools

The Department of Education wants to levy fees on new developments to help offset school construction costs near several planned rail stations.

Pod Squad: Will We Ever Bring Our Inmates Home From Arizona? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Will We Ever Bring Our Inmates Home From Arizona?

The 3,000-mile distance between the islands and Saguaro exacts a heavy cost for inmates, their loved ones and the state.

Hawaii Storytellers: A Question Every Teacher Here Must Ask

Hawaii Storytellers: A Question Every Teacher Here Must Ask

In this podcast, former school teacher Beau Ewan tells a wry story about his struggle to make ends meet in Hawaii.

Pod Squad: Uber-Taxi Legislative Battle Is Also A Culture Clash Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Pod Squad: Uber-Taxi Legislative Battle Is Also A Culture Clash

As they battle it out at Honolulu Hale and the Capitol, ride-hailing and taxi companies also vie for the hearts of riders.

City Denies Grant To Program Helping Mentally Ill Homeless People

UPDATED: The nonprofit organization argues that it’s eligible for the $180,000 federal grant, and may close if it doesn’t receive the money.

Ozawa Proposes Shopping Cart Controls

Honolulu City Councilman Trevor Ozawa sponsored a bill that would require all retail and wholesale businesses to implement shopping cart containment systems.

HART Continues Its Assault On Audit That Criticizes Rail Project

A final version of the audit released Friday is nearly identical to the draft leaked Thursday, except it now contains an 85-page response from the agency.