FACT CHECK — Case: Women’s Groups Gave Me 100% Ratings

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

In a Hawaii Public Radio debate with Mazie Hirono last Wednesday, U.S. senate candidate Ed Case said that women’s organizations gave him 100 percent approval ratings when he represented Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District from 2002 to 2007.

“I’m ranked by women’s organizations 100 percent for my record in Congress — 100 percent,” Case said. “Now, I’m sure they wouldn’t have ranked me that way if I had in fact believed and advocated for defunding Planned Parenthood or defunding women’s mammograms or any number of other issues that are particularly important to women.”

The former congressman, who served from November 2002 to January 2007, was responding to accusations from Hirono that he voted in support of Republican bills that would’ve cut back federal funding for women’s health services. In particular, she accused him of voting in 2005 to defund Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive and maternal healthcare and lobbies for pro-choice legislation.

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