FACT CHECK — Caldwell: Honolulu Has 43 Fire Stations, 25 EMS Stations

Courtesy, Kirk Caldwell Campaign

The proposed merger of Honolulu's Fire and Emergency Services Departments, in the spotlight in recent weeks, became a topic of discussion in Wednesday night's Civil Beat-KITV Honolulu mayoral debate.

Former Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell explained his support for the merger.

"We have 43 fire stations and 25 EMS stations," said Caldwell in a rebuttal to former Gov. Ben Cayetano. "We have more ambulances than that. And we can put them into fire stations close to where we live, so you can get them to people who are in need of care, healthcare, and taken to hospitals. This is critical for me. And it's going to save money..."

Are Caldwell's numbers correct?

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