FACT CHECK — Carlisle: Cannabis Clubs Being 'Abandoned Wholesale'

Dan Zelikman/Civil Beat

In Wednesday night's Civil Beat-KITV mayoral debate Mayor Peter Carlisle stated that he would not support the introduction of cannabis clubs in Hawaii.

The question came from a viewer of the debate who asked whether or when the candidates would consider supporting medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii.

Former Gov. Ben Cayetano said that he has supported legalizing medical marijuana in the past but that there would need to be regulations to prevent drug abuse. Former city managing director Kirk Caldwell said that he was "troubled" by cannabis clubs and he was not sure how regulations would work.

All three candidates agreed that marijuana dispensaries carry the risk of drug abuse. But Carlisle went further to comment on the state of cannabis clubs in California.

“Cannabis clubs and even in the places where they have them now in California are being abandoned wholesale because of their abuse,” Carlisle said. “As a former prosecuting attorney I’ve made it very clear that we have enough addictive substances around; we don’t need to add that with phonied up prescriptions for cannabis.”

Is Carlisle right?

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