FACT CHECK — Case: Hirono Took In $700K From Special Interests

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

In a campaign email sent out Sunday, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ed Case criticized political rival Mazie Hirono for accepting more than $700,000 from political action committees this election season.

"As my primary opponent floods the airwaves with her paid infomercials in these remaining 20 days, follow the money," he wrote. "Let's start with the mostly DC insider special interest PACs and other political committees. They've given my opponent over $700,000 in this campaign, and over $2 million, almost a third of all of her contributions, over her career. I've received a little over $10,000 in this campaign and only 8 percent over my career."

Whereas 64 percent of Hirono's PAC and itemized contributions are from mainland donors, 76 percent of his are from Hawaii donors, he added.

But is that true?

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