FACT CHECK — Cayetano: 2 in 100 Will Ride Rail, Half Will Be Bus Riders

Honolulu mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano's recent radio advertisement tells voters that rail won't solve traffic congestion in part because very few people are projected to ride the train.

“According to the FTA and the city’s own consultants, only two in 100 people will be taking the rail and half of those will be current bus riders," the ad says.

But is this true?

You'd think that determining the number of people who are expected to ride rail would be easy. After all, the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) analyzing the impact of the Honolulu Rail Project is hundreds of pages long and has multiple tables estimating rail ridership.

But the estimates are given in terms of the projected number of trips or boardings, rather than in terms of people. That makes figuring out the number of people who will be riding rail a little harder.

So where did "two in 100" come from?

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