FACT CHECK — Hirono: I Stood Up Against Democrats to Restore Native Hawaiian Funding

Courtesy of Friends of Mazie Hirono

In a video that was widely played and caused a fuss among Republican circles, Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Mazie Hirono garnered an endorsement from Republican Rep. Don Young.

In the commercial, Hirono — who currently represents Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District — and Young discuss how they teamed up in 2011 to pass an amendment that restored federal funding for Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native educational programs.

The two complete each others' sentences in the video message.

“When vital Native Hawaiian and Alaskan education programs were at risk in Congress...,” says Hirono.

“Mazie and I got together and put our partisan differences aside and solved this problem for our people at home,” continues Young.

“Once Don and I joined together as Republican and Democrat, I had to battle my own party leadership to get our amendment passed,” Hirono concludes.

But did Hirono really have to battle leaders of the Democratic caucus to pass the amendment?

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