About Civil Beat

Civil Beat is the largest news outlet dedicated to public affairs reporting about Hawaii. Our focus is on investigative and watchdog journalism, in-depth enterprise reporting, analysis and commentary that gives readers a broad view on issues of importance to the community.

Created in 2010 by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar, Civil Beat has quickly become one of the most respected news sites in Hawaii. Our journalists have won dozens of state and regional awards and Civil Beat has been named the best news website in Hawaii for the past three years by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Civil Beat also hopes to foster community discussion by providing a place where citizens can debate important issues in a civil manner, free from cheap shots and personal swipes. We do that through encouraging a wide variety of reader-written Community Voices and through our integrated Facebook comments.

Our goal is to challenge our leaders to do better. We are the watchdogs of the public’s trust and we take seriously the mission to ensure our government and civic leaders are not abusing that trust.

But it’s not only our responsibility. Citizens have a critical role to play in moving our society forward by engaging in and discovering the best solutions.

We welcome you to the civic square.

The Civil Beat Team


Pierre Omidyar, CEO & Publisher

Randy Ching, Co-Founder


Patti Epler, Editor

Eric Pape, Deputy Editor

Business & Marketing

Heidi Pliszka, Operations Director

Mike Webb, Sales & Marketing Director

Gene Park, Engagement Editor

Alice Terry, Operations Specialist


PF Bentley, Chief Photographer

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Winner, Best Online News Site, 2010, 2011 & 2012, Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii Chapter

First Prize Winner, The 2013 National Awards for Education Reporting, Beat Reporting, Small Newsroom, Alia Wong's education coverage;

Second Prize Tie, Single-Topic News or Feature, Small Newsroom, Alia Wong & PF Bentley's series “Learning Hilo”

Winner, 2013 Online Journalism Awards, Explanatory Reporting, Small, tie

Sophie Cocke's series “The Ala Wai Canal: Hawaii’s Biggest Mistake?”

Winner, 2013 Online Journalism Awards, The Gannett Foundation Award for Innovative Investigative Journalism, Small

Nick Grube and Patti Epler's series "In The Name of the Law"

Best of the West 2012: Growth and Environment Reporting, Second place, Sophie Cocke’s series ”Up in the Air”; Breaking News Reporting, Second place, Civil Beat staff, Japan tsunami threat coverage; Explanatory Reporting, Third Place, Michael Levine and John Temple’s series ”No Conflict”


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