Un-homed But Not Unhinged: The Good, The Bad...

Joe Bright

The good news: I did a small favor today for a friend in exchange for his hot shower. Bad news: None really, except maybe some covetousness in my mind. Don’t want to make it too difficult for the next cold shower.

Good news: I will get to spend some Christmas time with some relatives including my ex-spouse. Bad news: None. Definitely none.

Good news: The acupuncture clinic will close for a week since so many people will be on trips. Plus I need the rest. Bad news: This is definitely NOT a paid vacation.

Good news: Holiday spirit is in the air. Bad news: Holiday driving is on the roads.

Good news: Lots of good movies out in the theaters now. Bad news: $10+ to see one?!? Not so likely right now.

Good news: The radio in the van works on Cassette Tape mode! Bad news: Who the heck has cassette tapes any more????

May you all be happy, healthy, and safe out there!

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