Un-homed But Not Unhinged: My Closet Has a Flat Tire

Joe Bright

There’s just no telling what will happen next. Though I’m an eternal optimist at heart it’s not a blind optimism. Why? Because of days like Wednesday.

I have been kind of busy lately, which is good for digging out of a financial hole. It has also meant starting to have a couple of dollars in my pockets. Maybe even to start saving some. But of course being busy also means being a bit more tired. Thus at the end of the work day yesterday I grappled with not wanting to go anywhere.

However, I had finally been able to schedule a chance to view a friend’s garage and lanai as possible storage for my extra belongings. I must admit that I often feel like a cross between a hermit crab carrying my house everywhere I drive and a squirrel with stashes of nuts and things for later. So it seemed prudent to not miss that appointment since it could save me money on storage costs.

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