Un-Homed But Not Unhinged: Why Would Anyone Do This?

Joe Bright

Since becoming un-homed there have been many moments when I have to remind myself why this has come about. As mentioned there are several things that come together in just the wrong way that propel someone into this life. Naturally there may be certain factors that strongly precipitate homeless status more than others, such as drug addiction and mental health issues. But for many of us, it’s just that combo of moderate to severe disaster combined with a cascade of things going wrong.

Choices and best guesses get made and there you have it: you’re un-homed. Add in one functional soccer-mom van, one empty bank account, a hefty dose of uncertainty, and you have a rhythm that now includes parks, public showers, and lots of Safeway food.

But these are all things I’ve written about, so nothing too new there. But that’s kind of the point here: this is not a glamorous life going on here. It is monotonous. It is tedious at times. It doesn’t exactly make anyone feel good; At least not me, even though I’m pretty accepting of things.

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