The State of 'Student Voice' at the University of Hawaii

R.J. Brown/Civil Beat

UPDATED 7/9/11 12:22 p.m.

In the Fall of 2010 I “discovered” a University of Hawaii system-wide organization run by students, dedicated to spending $30,000 per year fighting, ostensibly, for the interests of students. The organization is called the University of Hawaii Student Caucus.

But if you have never heard of the UH Student Caucus, don’t feel too bad. No one I know at William S Richardson School of Law, where I am currently a student, had ever heard of the organization either. The only reason I found it is because I was trying to figure out how the UH Regents are selected. My search brought me to the Regents Candidate Advisory Council which nominates all Regents candidates for selection by the Governor and confirmation by the Senate. The RCAC is composed of seven members, each selected by seven different people in the State of Hawaii. One of those people is the Executive Chairman of the UH Student Caucus.

The current Executive Chairman is recently-graduated UH Hilo student Ho’omano Pakele, who has been a Caucus member for four years and Chairman for the past two-years. He agrees that it is time for the UHSC to come out of anonymity.

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