UH Is Still a Good Buy

Editor's Note: The following op-ed was submitted in response to Civil Beat's four-part series on research at the University of Hawaii and its potential to drive the state's economy.

If elected officials are looking to boost the state's bottom line, they should continue investing in the University of Hawaii.

After reading a recent Civil Beat report on the college's ability to catalyze prosperity, however, one might draw a different conclusion. According to the news site's investigation, four-year campuses within the UH system are underperforming in key productivity measures, such as publication in major journals and obtainment of federal grants. Does Warrior pride stop at the library's edge?

Not at all. Though Civil Beat highlighted several potential areas of improvement, its analysis suffers from methodological problems, including limited disciplinary scope, suspect metrics, and unfair comparisons. So, don't burn the diploma just yet.

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