Berg Falsely Accuses Paper of Censoring Comments

Adrienne LaFrance/Civil Beat

Honolulu's only daily newspaper engaged in a conspiracy to muzzle City Councilman Tom Berg and censor any criticism of the rail project in the comments section of its website.

Well, that's what Berg said anyway.

When Civil Beat looked into the charge, though, it turned out to be a far different story.

In a Saturday morning email to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser's editor, managing editor and webmaster, the District 1 council member said the paper prohibited him from commenting because of the content of his commentary: "It appears that since my comments involve the rail, your newspaper has sought to censor me so that truthful information and facts are omitted by design....."

" may disagree with me, but to deny and prohibit my comments is most troubling on your end and I would like to know why you have sought to keep me from commenting when I mention the word- RAIL......."

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