Vote On New Hawaii Grad Requirements Postponed

The Hawaii State Board of Education on Tuesday postponed its final vote on whether to reduce the number of social studies requirements for high school graduates.

A recommendation from the Department of Education would eliminate the BOE Recognition diploma, reduce the number of credits required to graduate and increase the number of elective course opportunities for students. It would accomplish this by requiring only three social studies courses in the future, instead of the four currently required.

The board's Student Achievement Committee in June voted to forward the department's recommendation to the full board. If approved, the changes would be effective for the class of 2016 — next year's freshmen.

The board's final vote was scheduled this Tuesday to allow completion of a 45-day "consult and confer" period on the issue for the unions representing educators. One of the unions requested additional time, so the board deferred its vote on the graduation policy until September.

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