New Funding Formula For Hawaii Schools

Small and isolated schools in Hawaii may get less money next year, but multi-track schools are guaranteed to get more.

The Board of Education on Tuesday approved a new Weighted Student Formula that gets rid of funding adjustments for schools facing challenges because of size or geographic isolation.

The new formula instead gives the superintendent a $3 million discretionary account to help those schools as needed.

Meanwhile, multi-track schools will get an extra $80,000 each to help cover the costs of operating year-round.

The Department of Education has budgeted $745 million next year for the Weighted Student Formula, which is used to determine how much discretionary money each school gets per year. The formula begins with a base allocation for each type of school (elementary, middle, high, elementary multi-track, etc.) and adds funds based on student and school characteristics. Schools get more money for each special education or English language learner student, for example. Neighbor Island schools also get an additional amount.

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