James Koshiba, Meet Donovan Dela Cruz

James Koshiba, the executive director of Kanu, is down at the Capitol monitoring bills. He’s keeping a close eye on bad legislation, bills that “illustrate how money and connections shape policy” (“Money, Power and Politics Shape Public Policy,” James Koshiba, Honolulu Civil Beat, Jan. 23, 2012).

Koshiba ferrets out bills supported by business and labor interests, and their lobbyists. He is worried the Legislature will address our economic and housing issues by catering to those interests: by legalizing gambling, relaxing regulations on development, and providing tax breaks and subsidies.

“These proposals,” he wrote, “are unlikely to solve the jobs and housing problem, in my opinion. Government subsidies simply cannot bring the price of houses down far enough so they’re in reach of most local residents. And, no amount of casinos or other stimulus can create jobs with wages high enough to afford a home in one of the hottest housing markets in the world.”

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