Rail Will Do Nothing to Reduce Traffic Overload on Congested Highways

Editor's Note: Retired civil engineer Ben Ramelb wrote the following piece in response to Civil Beat's Fact Check — Carlisle: Rail Will Take 40,000 Cars Off The Road.

Mayor Carlisle has stated that: "Rail will ease future traffic congestion - without rail, the congestion will be far worse" and that "Rail will take an estimated 40,000 vehicles off our roads each weekday".

I provide a traffic analysis below, using traffic numbers from the City's Traffic Study, to show that the mayor's statements are incorrect and misleading.

  1. Derivation of Carlisle's "40,000 vehicles per day" as explained in the Civil Beat's Fact check is confusing. Further, the 40,000 figure is not used to determined specific traffic impacts to critically congested sections of the West Oahu Highways. The analysis resulted in a misleading and incorrect Fact Check conclusion of "Mostly True".
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