Aloha Denied: Prosecution or Predation?

pre·da·tion n. 1. The act of plundering or marauding 2. The capturing of prey

There is no greater threat to human social evolution than institutional predation on cultural visionaries. Pre-trial punishment of a Hawaiian peacemaker reinforces the dominance of institutional warmongers, provoked by the messenger’s simple truth: Cannabis is a God-given, essential “herb bearing seed.”

It is enormously significant that a religious leader in the “legitimate debate” has been politically imprisoned without trial, without bail, without visitors, in Honolulu Federal Detention Center since July 2010. Federal and State Constitutions, and the International Declaration of Human Rights were all written to prevent the atrocities of injustice being committed against Hawaiian Cannabis Ministry founder, Reverend Roger Christie.

Marauding "drug war" zealots in the U.S. Department of Justice are feeding opportunistically on a State licensed minister who has spoken up to reclaim everyone's “First Freedom.” Incredibly, a single word is all it took to undermine the Rule of Law in President Obama’s home state. Religious freedom and due process are subverted by mere absurdity; the slanderous notion that Reverend Christie is “dangerous.”

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