Join Us in Creating One Strong ‘Ohana

The death of four-year-old Zion McKeown on Maui is a tragedy that should never have happened. His passing diminishes us all. Sadly, Zion will be counted among the five children per day that are killed as a result of child abuse and neglect in the United States.

In fact it’s likely that most of us know a child that has been abused—over 80 percent of residents surveyed in Hawai‘i stated they know a survivor of child abuse. In 2010, the Department of Human Services received 4,199 reports of child abuse: Zion is not the only one.

Many of you, like us, may have been devastated by the news surrounding Zion’s death. Ironically, when we learned about this heartbreaking situation on Maui, we were having a conversation about how to get the community more involved in helping to prevent child abuse and neglect. As difficult as it was to learn about the circumstances surrounding Zion’s passing, we resolved to not let the pain of his passing deter us from our vision of a Hawai‘i where children are safe and able to life happy, healthy lives. Let’s turn our grief into action.

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