Hawaii's Hanging Chad: The Catholic Church's Same Sex Problem

Mark Quezada/Civil Beat/Photo Illustration

What is it about sex that so riles the Catholic Church?

Larry Silva, the bishop of Honolulu, is urging all Catholics in Hawaii to contact their state legislators to let them know how they feel about same-sex marriage — and he hopes they don't feel good about it.

If lawmakers move to legalize same-sex marriage in Hawaii, Silva warns of serious "long term and definitive changes in our entire culture." (The purported consequences are detailed in an Aug. 22 letter from the bishop, reproduced below.)

Silva says that one of his greatest concerns is that children will be "the greatest casualties, in that they will be deprived of being raised in a loving home by a mother and a father who loves them and whose love cooperated with God's plan in creating them. When children are deprived of such a home, there will be more poverty, more social ills, more juvenile suicides, and more problems than we can imagine."

Whoa! The Apocalypse is upon us.

Silva says that the stakes are so dire that he must passionately advocate for discrimination against gays and lesbians, even if they worship the same god as he does:

"People with same-sex attraction are a part of our community, even our Catholic community, and they deserve dignity and respect. Unjust discrimination against them is not acceptable. However, not all discrimination — that is, making distinctions — is unjust."

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