Chad Blair: It's High Time to Legalize Pot

Hawaii Cannabis Ministry

I met Roger Christie at a hemp festival on Maui about 10 years ago, and he offered to get me high.

Not at the festival, mind you, which was in Kihei. Roger invited me to give him a buzz — whoops! I mean a phone call — the next time I was in Hilo, where he ran his pot ministry.

I never took Roger up on his offer, and while part of me wishes that I had, another part of me has read and reported on the court documents that detailed law enforcement's tapping of his telephones. I'm sure my employers would not have been happy to see my name visiting Roger to receive a little "sacrament."

Yep, I smoked marijuana. Like Barack Obama, I inhaled frequently — "That was the point," as the president has explained.

I don't anymore; it made me too paranoid. But I still know lots of folks who do smoke pot ... and so do you.

Now that Roger has pleaded guilty to trafficking marijuana, I think it's high time — damn! did it again — to legalize marijuana in the Aloha State.

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