Gene Park: Kirk Caldwell's Big Twittersphere Splash


If all goes as planned, Mayor Kirk Caldwell's "Twitter town hall" on Dec. 9 will be backed by the largest response team for a microblog meeting that Hawaii has seen.

Nearly every municipal department will have a representative ready to answer tweeted questions at the city's Department of Information Technology's conference room, according to mayoral spokesperson Jesse Broder Van Dyke.

Directors, deputy directors and public information officers will speak on behalf of departments dealing with parks and recreation, permits and planning, transportation, the environment and others. Tweets will be displayed on a projector for all city officials to see. "Our goal is just to be able to answer every question we can," Broder Van Dyke said.

The mayor has long favored more traditional pavement-pounding methods on the campaign trail and in office. The virtual town hall gathering that is slated to begin at noon will be a first for him.

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