Civil Beat Series

Death on the Streets

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More than 400 homeless people have died on Oahu in the past eight years, a Civil Beat review of medical examiner’s death records has found.

Civil Beat Series

Learning Hilo

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Explores four of Hawaii's charter school "innovation laboratories" and what they might teach the rest of the public school system.

Civil Beat Series

Pension Promises

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A financial crisis is looming in Hawaii: How to come up with more than $27 billion over the next 30 years to pay for pensions and health care for retired public employees. This series is a detailed look at how the state got into the mess and what's being done about it.

Civil Beat Series

Promised Land

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Taxpayers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up and restore the island of Kahoolawe, which for years was used as a military bombing range. But with only 13 percent of the island restored, the state agency in charge of making it safe for Native Hawaiian cultural uses is running out of money.

Ongoing Series

Ad Watch

Civil Beat analyzes campaign ads with an eye toward accuracy, tone and fairness.

Cashing In

An occasional series that analyzes campaign finance reports filed with the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission. We're looking at who's giving, who's getting and how the money is being spent.

Hawaii's Public Records

An examination of the high cost of public records in Hawaii, how it got that way and what can be done to ensure the cost is not undermining the law.

It's Your Money

An occasional series that looks more closely at public expenditures.

Living Hawaii

Civil Beat explores the high cost of living in Hawaii and what it will take to bring down the "price of paradise."

Making Waves

A series that spotlights people and organizations in Hawaii who aren't afraid to rock the boat.

Not So Public

An ongoing examination of the state's public records laws and policies.