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Civil Beat, an online news service launched by Peer News on May 4, 2010, provides people with a “civic square,” where citizens can learn about and understand, debate and discover the important issues facing Hawaii. The service focuses on a holistic approach to news, providing in-depth reporting on the issues subscribers care about most.

Civil Beat aims to empower citizens to create positive change by connecting people to each other and informing them on key issues. The news service will provide a forum for people to voice their opinions and share their knowledge in a civil environment that encourages conversation and dialogue – and enables them to learn from those with whom they might disagree.

At the core of Civil Beat are two main concepts:

Content: Civil Beat takes an investigative and analytical approach to journalism, focusing on topics and issues as opposed to event-based reporting. The entire Civil Beat staff, including reporter-hosts, will interact with the community to ask essential questions to start discussions and dialogue on key issues.

Conversations: The service offers a place for civil interactions and idea sharing, where everyone can contribute to important dialogue. As a result, all members will be accountable for their voice (no anonymous comments are allowed).

Our Topic Pages are our way of giving you longer background articles on the issues we are covering, for you to use when you are inclined to dive deeper into a particular issue. Other news organizations sometimes call these special reports or backgrounders. We also include biographies of our news team and key players in our community. We also link directly to source documents whenever they are available, to save you time if you are interested in researching an issue more deeply


Open Date: April 21, 2010 (open for membership only to begin dialogue with reporter-hosts)

Official Launch Date: May 4, 2010

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Beats: Civil Beat focuses on several main beats that affect our island community: Honolulu, Hawaii, education, land and the federal government through our Washington, D.C. bureau

CEO & Publisher: Pierre Omidyar (co-founder)

President: Randy Ching (co-founder)

Editorial Staff


Patti Epler, Editor

Eric Pape, Deputy Editor


Chad Blair

Sophie Cocke

Nathan Eagle

Nick Grube

Alia Wong

Business Staff

General Manager:

Jayson Harper

Operations Director:

Heidi Pliszka

Operations Specialist:

Alice Terry

You can follow our staff on Twitter.

Technical information can be found on the Site Credits page.

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