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  • David Ige: Engineer, Technocrat … and Ballet Dad?

    · By Eric Pape

    When David Ige visited the Civil Beat recording room during the gubernatorial election campaign, it quickly became clear that he wasn’t very comfortable talking about himself.

    His comfort zone includes demonstrating a grasp of the inner workings of the Legislature and dissecting education policy. But after some coaxing, the very discreet man who is now Hawaii’s governor-elect did open up.

    He talked about what led him to get involved in politics nearly three decades ago, his technique for remaining grounded in the political sphere and how his commitments as a father may

  • Hawaii Governor: Ige Defeats Aiona in Landslide Vote

    · By Chad Blair

    Democrat David Ige has been elected governor of Hawaii.

    Hours after the polls closed, Ige was ahead of Republican Duke Aiona by a wide margin — 49 percent of the vote compared with 37 percent for the former lieutenant governor.

    The Associated Press and other media outlets called the race for Ige about 8:30 p.m.

    Hawaii Independent Party candidate Mufi Hannemann came in third place with 12 percent, followed by Libertarian Jeff Davis with 2 percent.

    Gov.-elect David Ige speaks to supporters Tuesday night as his running mate, Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui, gives a thumb’s up.

  • Denby Fawcett: Digging Up Dirt and Opposition Research 101

    · By Denby Fawcett

    Hawaii’s candidates for governor and the 1st Congressional District may be too squeaky clean and Boy Scout-ish for any dirt to emerge about them in the upcoming election.

    It is difficult to imagine Democratic gubernatorial candidate David Ige — whose friends say the most scandalous thing he ever did was to “toilet paper” friends’ cars in college — involved in anything salacious.

    Or to imagine goodie-goodie Republican congressional candidate Charles Djou staggering down a Chinatown street after drinking too many mango margaritas at the Pig and the Lady.

    An image from

  • Aiona, Ige Largely Like-Minded on Needed Education Reform

    · By Alia Wong

    Editor’s Note: Civil Beat asked Mufi Hannemann, the Hawaii Independent Party candidate for governor, numerous times throughout September for an interview for this story but he was never available. 

    Hawaii is the only state that isn’t broken up by multiple school districts. That means Hawaii — whose population of roughly 1.4 million people makes it the 11th smallest state —  actually encompasses one of the largest school districts in the country.

    The ninth largest one, to be exact, costing taxpayers nearly $1.5 billion dollars annually for operations alone. Together, the

  • Three Candidates, Three Views on Future of Fast-Growing Kakaako

    · By Anita Hofschneider

    Discontent with Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s policies in the state redevelopment district of Kakaako may have contributed to his political demise in the Democratic primary last month.

    Abercrombie accomplished what no other Hawaii governor had done since the district was carved out in 1976 — overseeing the addition at least another 4,500 housing units that will be built or permitted by the time he leaves office.

    But many residents have criticized the governor’s influence on the state redevelopment agency in charge of Kakaako and questioned whether the area’s infrastructure is prepared for such

  • Denby Fawcett: Who the Heck Is David Ige?

    · By Denby Fawcett

    Democratic gubernatorial candidate David Ige was barely known to Hawaii voters when he trounced Gov. Neil Abercrombie last month in the biggest upset of an incumbent governor in a primary election in U.S. history.

    Today, the 57 year-old Ige’s name is widely recognized here but most residents still don’t know much about him as a person or as a candidate.

    They probably are unaware that he kept his parents in the dark after prestigious colleges such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology accepted him, and to this day he irons his own

  • The Projector: The Governor’s Race and HECO’s Renewable Power Play

    · By PF Bentley





    In the Corner Jeff Davis, of the Libertarian Party, works the phone before taking part in a forum with three other gubernatorial candidates at UH West Oahu on Aug. 26. The Libertarian candidate has been vocal about the plight of homeless children, energy policy and ending “pay-to-play” politics.

    Nice Tie State Sen. David Ige, who crushed Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the Democratic Party primary, gets playful with the Libertarian candidate before the forum. Ige readily acknowledges he isn’t the most exciting candidate, but the dominance of

  • The Projector: Pictures From Hawaii’s Dramatic Primary Election Day

    · By PF Bentley





    The Stage Is Set On Aug. 9, the primary night staging was ready downstairs at Ward Warehouse, which was the site of Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s re-election campaign headquarters.

    KITV’s Little Fans On a very hot and humid afternoon, television reporter Andrew Pereira gets fanned by two Abercrombie staff members as he prepares for his live 5 p.m. broadcast.

    The Guv Greets Knowing that surveys showed him far behind, Gov. Abercrombie told campaign workers he’d return in the evening to address them — after actual

  • Hawaii Governor: Ige Wins It Big!

    · By Chad Blair

    State Sen. David Ige has won a historic victory in the Hawaii governor’s race, knocking out Gov. Neil Abercrombie in an unprecedented defeat for an incumbent governor.

    Ige defeated Abercrombie 66 percent to 31 percent, according to the 3:25 a.m. results posted early Sunday.

    The Associated Press called the race for Ige at about 7:45 p.m. and news outlets began declaring victory for the state senator soon after.

    The governor conceded the race not long after 9 p.m.

    Left to Right: Nancie Caraway, Dawn Ige, Sen. David Ige and Gov. Neil Abercrombie

  • David Ige’s Leadership Style: State Senator Wants To Be Honest, Open, Fair, No Ego

    · By Chad Blair

    In late April, in the final days of the Hawaii Legislature’s 2014 session, Gov. Neil Abercrombie suddenly dropped a bombshell on legislators.

    The administration had brokered a deal for the state to conserve more than 600 acres of Turtle Bay Resort land that was slated for development.

    There was just one problem: Abercrombie did not explain how the state would come up with the $40 million required to seal the deal.

    Many legislators were shocked by the governor’s action.

    While they were generally supportive of the deal for Turtle Bay on Oahu’s North Shore, they had already largely

  • Moving the Ball: Hawaii Senator Wants Millions More for School Sports

    · By Alia Wong

    Sen. David Ige’s bill would restore funding for DOE athletics programs.