Honolulu City Council Elections 2012

Once every 10 years, the City and County of Honolulu redraws its political boundaries based on new population data from the U.S. Census. But unlike the state government, which puts all 76 seats in the Hawaii Legislature up for a vote in the election immediately after reapportionment, the Honolulu City Council's staggered terms are not affected.

This means that six of the nine City Council seats were up for election in 2012. Two of the six seats were left vacant because their occupants — Romy Cachola and Nestor Garcia — were not eligible for re-election after two consecutive four-year terms. Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's seat was also vacant due to her resignation in August. She won her bid to represent Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District in the general election.


The Honolulu City Council is the legislative branch for the City and County of Honolulu. The Council consists of nine elected members from nine administrative districts.

The city has a mayor-council structure. The mayor serves as chief executive officer of the city, with responsibilities that include supervision of the executive agencies responsible for public safety and welfare; culture and recreation; community and human development; citizen participation; and general government operations. The nine member Council is responsible for legislative and investigative functions.

Council members are paid $52,446 per year, with the chair getting $58,596.

Seats Open In 2012

District 1Kymberly Pine won the Nov. 6 general with 59.5 percent of the votes or 15,604 votes.

District 3Ikaika Anderson won the Aug. 11 primary with 63.5 percent of votes or 19,546 votes.

District 5Ann Kobayashi won the Nov. 6 general with 70.6 percent of the votes or 24,606 votes.

District 6 - Carol Fukunaga won the Nov. 6 special election with 24.8 percent of the votes or 8,456 votes.

District 7Joey Manahan won the Aug. 11 primary with 51.0 percent of votes or 7,123 votes.

District 9 — Ron Menor won the Aug. 11 primary with 49.6 percent of votes or 10,629 votes.

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