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  • Change Of Heart: Mayor’s Office Releases Names Of Executive Staff

    · By Nick Grube

    Kirk Caldwell was keeping the names secret, a violation of state law.

  • Incumbency No Help for Honolulu’s Current Mayor

    · By Nick Grube

    In a state where incumbents have it easy, Peter Carlisle struggles.

  • Even Without Challenger, Carlisle Rakes In Cash

    · By Michael Levine

    UPDATED Honolulu mayor collected $280,000 from January through June.

  • Discussion: Honolulu

    · By Treena Shapiro

    Politics, Government, Etc.

    We’ve opened a new discussion solely devoted to the Honolulu rail project and another devoted just to the 1st Congressional District special election.


    What Comes After Curfew At Housing Complex?
    UPDATE: The Trash Pile Isn’t Moving
    UPDATE: Curbside Recycling Spreads Across Island
    UPDATE: Sewage Spill Contaminates Palolo Stream To Magic Island
    UPDATE: Would You Throw Out Trash If You Had To Pay By The Bag?


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