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  • Potential Contamination at Proposed Homeless Camp to be Studied

    · By Sophie Cocke

    Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s administration is hiring a consultant to help assess whether it’s safe to relocate some 100 homeless people to a vacant lot on Sand Island after reports surfaced in September that the soil could contain high levels of contaminants left over from ash and solid waste dumps.

    The consultant is expected to work with state health officials to compile the industrial history of the proposed 5-acre site and develop a plan to sample the soil for contaminants such as lead, according to Gary Gill, deputy director for environmental

  • The City Reaches Out to Locals About Sand Island Homeless Camp

    · By Sophie Cocke

    Dozens of people crowded into a small cafeteria at Puuhale Elementary School in Kalihi Wednesday evening to hear city officials discuss recently announced plans to relocate as many as 100 of the city’s most troubled homeless people to a vacant parcel of land on Sand Island. 

    The meeting was called primarily to address community concerns about the proposal to place a homeless encampment close to residents of Kalihi.

    From the elementary school, it is a nearly two-mile drive to the proposed site. To reach the encampment, people must cross the

  • Hawaii Candidates Need to Sign the ‘People’s Pledge’

    · By Barbara Polk

    With the primary elections behind us, forums and sign waving for candidates for the November elections are already underway.

    And many of us in the public are cringing at the expectation of being inundated by advertising for or against candidates, sponsored not by the candidates but by funds provided to Super PACs from secret donors operating “independently” of the candidates. (Remember all the negative ads in the 2010 Honolulu mayor’s race?)

    The Supreme Court 2010 rulings in Citizen’s United vs. the FEC and other cases opened the floodgates of money attempting to

  • Cashing In: Caldwell Stocking Up For A Showdown

    · By Nick Grube

    Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s first term isn’t up until 2016, but that hasn’t stopped him from padding his campaign reserves.

    Caldwell reported more than $1.4 million in campaign contributions during the current election cycle, which began Nov. 7, 2012, the day after he beat former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano in the general election.

    What’s striking is Caldwell only raised $1.7 million for the entire 2012 election cycle, which included a $50,000 loan.

    Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell has raised almost as much money in the current election cycle as he did during

  • Stormy Weather: Hurricane Iselle Is About to Rock Hawaii

    · By Alia Wong

    Hurricane Iselle, the first hurricane that could hit the Big island in more than 20 years, was steadily churning toward Hilo and expected to make landfall Thursday.

    Meanwhile, Hurricane Julio is advancing toward the islands and could strike the Big Island as soon as Sunday. On Wednesday evening, Julio was 1,450 miles east of Hilo, about 1,000 miles behind Iselle. 

    On Wednesday, Iselle was considered a category 1 hurricane. On Tuesday evening it appeared as though the cyclone was weakening, but then it started to strengthen Wednesday. It’s expected to

  • Honolulu Mayor’s ‘Compassionate Disruption’ Campaign Disrupted

    · By Sophie Cocke

    Two measures proposed by Mayor Kirk Caldwell that would ban public urination and defecation in Waikiki, as well as sitting and lying on sidewalks in the tourist district, were deferred indefinitely by the Honolulu City Council’s Zoning and Planning Committee on Thursday. 

    The bills are part of a larger so-called “compassionate disruption” campaign aimed at prodding homeless into shelters. But councilmembers said that the city hasn’t moved fast enough to make housing available to homeless living on the streets and that for now they have nowhere to go. 


  • The Mayor’s Money: Caldwell Expands Office Budget in Tight Times

    · By Nick Grube

    Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants to boost his budget by 70 percent, which is more than any other city department.

  • Hele On: Courts Rule in Favor of Honolulu Rail

    · By Nick Grube

    The rail project is on track now that legal wrangling is complete, but will there be more unexpected costs?

  • Last-Ditch Effort: Honolulu Offers Cash to Save $142M Housing Deal

    · By Nick Grube

    Public money is at heart of bid to save affordable housing sale.

  • A New Era in Ethics in Honolulu? Time Will Tell

    · By Nick Grube

    Ethics Commission and Caldwell administration resolve some differences, but there’s a long way to go.

  • Did Honolulu’s $142M Housing Deal Collapse?

    · By Nick Grube

    Questions by Honolulu City Council members raise doubts about developers’ ability to seal deal before 2014 deadline.

  • Caldwell Fears For Honolulu Homeless If City Housing Deal Collapses

    · By Nick Grube

    UPDATED Honolulu City Council is considering killing $142 million plan to sell 12 affordable housing complexes.