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  • Chad Blair: Abercrombie the Martyr

    · By Chad Blair

    Enactment of marriage equality was a major accomplishment of the Abercrombie administration. But is that really the reason Gov. Neil Abercrombie was overwhelmingly rejected by voters pulling the Democratic Party ballot on Aug. 9?

    That’s what the governor told The Associated Press last week, in a story that was picked up across the country.

    “Republicans crossed over en masse to vote in the Democratic primary, and then the religious factor came in,” the AP reported Abercrombie saying. “Doctrinally I was outside the circle and paid for it.”

    There may have been some voters

  • Denby Fawcett: A Pidgin Guide to the Fall of Abercrombie

    · By Denby Fawcett

    Now that dust has settled, it might be helpful to turn to the Hawaiian pidgin English dictionary to get a better grip on why Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie was so handily blasted out of office by his underfunded and relatively unknown challenger, state Sen. David Ige.

    On Primary Election Day, Ige was still so unfamiliar to some voters, I heard a fellow refer to him as “the Japanese guy running against Abercrombie.”

    A key reason Abercrombie became Hawaii’s first incumbent governor to lose a primary election is what I call the “Wot,

  • The Projector: Pictures From Hawaii’s Dramatic Primary Election Day

    · By PF Bentley





    The Stage Is Set On Aug. 9, the primary night staging was ready downstairs at Ward Warehouse, which was the site of Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s re-election campaign headquarters.

    KITV’s Little Fans On a very hot and humid afternoon, television reporter Andrew Pereira gets fanned by two Abercrombie staff members as he prepares for his live 5 p.m. broadcast.

    The Guv Greets Knowing that surveys showed him far behind, Gov. Abercrombie told campaign workers he’d return in the evening to address them — after actual

  • Neil Abercrombie’s Loss and the Future of Hawaii

    · By Stephen O'Harrow

    We’re at the end of an era, one that many people 40 years ago, surely never thought they’d see, “the Abercrombie era.”

    And we are at the beginning of a new era, one that would not exist had it not been for Neil Abercrombie.

    What many of us do not realize, given Neil’s style of public presentation, is that he is — and always has been — a “team player.”

    For example, few people outside of Dan Inouye’s inner circle, ever knew that it was his decision to call for the entire Hawaii

  • Hawaii Governor: Ige Wins It Big!

    · By Chad Blair

    State Sen. David Ige has won a historic victory in the Hawaii governor’s race, knocking out Gov. Neil Abercrombie in an unprecedented defeat for an incumbent governor.

    Ige defeated Abercrombie 66 percent to 31 percent, according to the 3:25 a.m. results posted early Sunday.

    The Associated Press called the race for Ige at about 7:45 p.m. and news outlets began declaring victory for the state senator soon after.

    The governor conceded the race not long after 9 p.m.

    Left to Right: Nancie Caraway, Dawn Ige, Sen. David Ige and Gov. Neil Abercrombie

  • Stormy Weather: Hurricane Iselle Is About to Rock Hawaii

    · By Alia Wong

    Hurricane Iselle, the first hurricane that could hit the Big island in more than 20 years, was steadily churning toward Hilo and expected to make landfall Thursday.

    Meanwhile, Hurricane Julio is advancing toward the islands and could strike the Big Island as soon as Sunday. On Wednesday evening, Julio was 1,450 miles east of Hilo, about 1,000 miles behind Iselle. 

    On Wednesday, Iselle was considered a category 1 hurricane. On Tuesday evening it appeared as though the cyclone was weakening, but then it started to strengthen Wednesday. It’s expected to

  • Off the Beat: Abercrombie’s Official Schedule Smacks of Electioneering

    · By The Civil Beat Staff

    Gov. Neil Abercrombie plans to visit with seniors on Kauai this week. He will also visit Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, greet kupuna and meet with high school seniors on Maui.

    On Sunday, Abercrombie will celebrate “linking generations” with Japanese-American women, attend the United Filipino Council of Hawaii’s annual convention and make remarks at the Moiliili Senior Center.

    Next Wednesday, the governor plans to go to a Hawaiian home lands groundbreaking in Kapolei and proclaim a “Pedestrian Safety Month.”

    Kupuna. Students. Military. Women. Filipinos. Japanese. Hawaiians. Kauai. Maui.

    Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 10th annual Generational Awards Luncheon and Board

  • From Miami to Marseille, Hawaii Governor’s Fall Travel Costs $19,000

    · By Nathan Eagle

    Abercrombie racks up the miles on a mix of public and personal business.

  • Prison Builders: Hawaii’s Billion Dollar Problem

    · By Nick Grube

    Overcrowding and aging facilities have the state looking at an expensive overhaul of its prison system.

  • It’s Your Money: Hawaii Gov Wants $60,700 for Membership Fee

    · By Anita Hofschneider

    Gov. Neil Abercrombie is requesting $132,000 in emergency appropriations from the Legislature.

  • Hawaii Governor’s Travel Records Reveal Details of Personal, Political Trips

    · By Nathan Eagle

    Abercrombie left Oahu 11 times in June and July, costing taxpayers $27,000.

  • Is Hawaii Really Doing So Well? Fact-Checking the Governor’s Speech

    · By Anita Hofschneider

    Gov. Neil Abercrombie painted the state in a rosy light during the State of the State, boosting his re-election campaign.