There’s A New Spirit in Lanai City

Courtesy of Robin Kaye

Walking around Lana’i’s stores during this holiday season is delightful. With Murdock and his intimidating methods finally and irrevocably gone from Lana’i (except for retaining Richard’s Shopping Center and that pesky, hidden, secretive right to destroy historic Ka’a ahupua’a with hundreds of 400 foot turbines), old friends are now talking to each other again. Those ridiculous pro wind signs -- “Wind Power: To Make Lana’i Green” -- are almost all gone. (Big Wind on Lana’i never was - and still is not - about “making Lana’i green;” it was always about making Murdock lots and lots of “green” -- mostly from your taxpaying wallets). Lots of our friends and neighbors are once again employed, working long hours, but enjoying the “green” they can then recycle into our local businesses. You can feel the renewed spirit permeating our island.

Years ago, when I used to play late-in-the-night, too-much-scotch poker games with my buddies, one of our favorite hands was called “Goodie/Baddies.” The dealer would designate a few cards as “goodies” (e.g., deuces and fours), and if those were dealt to your hand they became wild cards and greatly enhanced your chance of winning the pot. But if that same card later came into view in the center of the table (the “flop”), it cancelled the goodies in your hand -- turned them into “baddies.”

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