Hawaii Medical Association Opposes Physician-Assisted Suicide

On October 5, Civil Beat ran a piece favorable to euthanasia activism by Chad Blair entitled “New Aid-in-Dying Service Gets Inquiries.” At the end of the article, Civil Beat asks readers to respond to the question, “Is the aid-in-dying movement a humane approach to a difficult subject, or is it a violation of ethical standards?” I wish to respond on behalf of the Hawaii Medical Association.

Serving Hawaii since 1856, the Hawaii Medical Association (HMA) is a voluntary, professional membership organization for physicians, resident physicians, and medical students in the state of Hawaii. HMA is dedicated to serving physicians, their patients, and the community through representation, advocacy, and public service. HMA is part of the American Medical Association (AMA) and is the parent organization for Hawaii's five component medical societies that operate independently, but in a network with the HMA in all four counties in the State of Hawaii.

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