Holy Paparazzi! I Aloha Molokai Explains The Steven Tyler Act

I Aloha Molokai

Uncle Sam and Kanoho have a talk about Sen. Kalani English, his busy schedule and his latest pet cause — the Steven Tyler Act.

Uncle Sam: Seriously Kanoho, what is this bill really about?

Kanoho: To tell the truth, I think it just means certain legislators just want the stars all to themselves.

Uncle Sam: So, senator has time to help those who do not need help. But no time for those who do. Is anyone opposing this bill?

Kanoho: Eh, nobody famous. Just the attorney general, the ACLU, journalists, taxpayers, you know, boring people.

About the authors: IAM President Kanohowailuku Helm was born and raised on Molokai. He's a husband, father of three, farmer, fisherman, musician/singer/songwriter and two-time Na Hoku Hanohano award nominee. In his spare time he makes cigars from Father Damien's tobacco. Samuel K. Hulu, Jr., born and raised on Molokai, is 100 percent Hawaiian and a decorated Vietnam Veteran. He started work on a Lanai plantation and served 20 years in the US Army. He has worked all over the world as a welder, heavy equipment mechanic and general contractor, including 10 years in Saudi Arabia. In 2005 he and his wife Juanita returned to Molokai to enjoy peace, quiet and no windmills. PF Bentley is a documentary filmmaker living on Molokai.

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