Windward District Schools Launch Massive Attendance Campaign

Courtesy: Hawaii Department of Education

A new Windward District campaign targets 16,000 students and their guardians, and focuses on building consistent student attendance and on-time arrivals – key factors in student achievement, graduation and battling the nationwide dropout epidemic.

The highly visible promotion titled “Be Pono – Stay in School” launches August 5, the first day of school. The two Windward District complex-area superintendents (CAS) support the “Be Pono” campaign in all of their complexes – Kailua, Kalaheo, Castle and Kahuku. These four complex areas comprise 31 schools spanning 45 miles from Waimanalo to Sunset Beach.

“Be Pono” is the brainchild of five social workers at the Windward District Office in Kaneohe and took more than six months of planning. The strategic intervention features a smiling, likeable character-logo with positive messages on posters, flyers and signage. The operation will have a constant presence on campuses and in homes, stressing the importance of coming to school regularly and on time.

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