The Importance of Strong Government Oversight

I wonder if President Obama and Governor Abercrombie would like to push a “do over” button on the roll out of the Affordable Healthcare Act website,, and the Hawaii Health Connector project. More importantly, I would like to know how each of them plan to address and correct the glaring lack of oversight that is apparent throughout the administration phases of these contracts.

Any qualified procurement professional will tell you, the administration phase of a public procurement is equally as important as the solicitation phase. The administration phase of a public contract is critical to success of the project. It is during the contract administration phase that the government contract managers assess whether the contractor’s performance meets the government’s strategic objectives as expressed in the contract’s “Statement of Work.” If the contractor is not meeting the Statement of Work requirements, the government contract manager has the oversight authority to demand corrective action that will ensure the contractor meets its obligations.

The contract’s Statement of Work is the government manager’s key tool to evaluate contractor performance and ensure the contractor’s work accomplishes the purposes of the contract. The Statement of Work is a clear, comprehensive, and concise statement of the contractor’s obligations. It also delineates the performance measurements and milestones the contractor must meet to ensure full and timely completion of the contract Statement of Work.

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