Open Letter to the Honolulu City Council

Aloha e Members of the Honolulu City Council,

On behalf of the Chinatown Gateway Plaza Tenant Association (CGPTA) and the residents of Chinatown, I want to thank you all for a very principled discussion Wednesday and for doing the right thing regarding the sale of city-owned housing in declining to declare support for the sale and in putting Resolutions 13-291 and 13-292 on the table.

We face, not merely a broken sale, but a broken city housing process, utterly lacking transparency or accountability, unduly influenced by groups representing neither residents nor our Chinatown community, routinely rushing to approve administration proposals without full discussion or honest math. We are grateful that our City Council stepped up to its proper check-and-balance role and to its proper decision making responsibility.

Together, let us now take advantage of this opportunity to ask the right questions, to do the honest math, and to fix both the process and the sale! In particular, resident concerns that must be addressed as we go forward include the following:

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